Ah lovely state of getting over urge to brutally kill ER workers. Ah. Nice to be back in the moment. Even if the moment is not so good.


I did a little Leonard Cohen – Live in London – this man is so sexy for a 78-year-old – I mean not that old people aren’t usually sexy but let’s face it – they are not.

His voice reminds me of a good strong aged scotch – Laphroig or Talisker – ah the thought sends me into spasms of need. I have some spumante – guess I’ll suck that down.

Tomorrow is an almost all day meditation day. Except for meal putting on the table. I’m not cooking. I am just going to put stuff in front of him and let him eat it.

In all this chaos and trauma I have noticed something that really bothered me. It was a post on a blog here on WordPress – sorry I can’t remember the blog – and there was a photo of a man sitting on a suitcase hugging his dog – the doggie looked exhausted but safe.

It made me think about all those homeless people out there and their connections to their pets and the poor homeless pet. I feel sad and wish I could do something for them. I complain about my life – which God knows it is horrid – but I am not yet homeless. I may be some day – who knows? But I will need to have a cat carrier because I will never leave Maggie behind.

Every one of us has some trauma in their lives that burdens us. As my friend David said, “Don’t fight the world Jen.” I love David and wish I could see him again. He doesn’t even have a phone that I know about and the mailman doesn’t go to his house. He used to get his mail at his mother’s home in Charlottetown but she became ill and had to go to a nursing home. Sigh. Such good medicine is David.

So more changes have happened. No more home healthcare visits – lord they came every day and every day I had to tailor my schedule to when they could come. I couldn’t nap, read, meditate or go to the bathroom. I have no idea whether it would help at all – it just seemed a huge inconvenience to me. And it’s not like hubby will ever get better. It is what it is.

Say a prayer for men sitting on  suitcases with a dogs – let’s send some light their way – maybe we can change something . . .





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