Two Hours? Are We There Yet?

I have to do something for two hours while the LusterStone dries on the second countertop. Hmph. I want to keep going but I need to let it dry so I can sand it and put on another coat and another coat and another coat …….

I figured out what to get for the floor while reading Country Living UK July and seeing an article about a home on Nantucket. Ocean front with a boat house/apartment. Should we all go buy one of those?????????????

Anyway they painted the floor of the “cottage” by putting on a base coat and three coats of deck paint. DECK PAINT I said THAT’S IT! So I will proceed to my handy hardware store – not Home Depot because honestly that store is TOO BIG and I can never find anything there – instead to my handy dandy neighborhood hardware store and seek out deck paint. We’re quite maritimey in Maine so deck paint should be no problemo.

With the two hours I have I thought I would show you the latest in my fabric quests ………… which I was supposed to stop but can’t.

I’ll be so behind the sewing game with this bunch it isn’t even funny.

I still can’t decide whether or not to go back to work July 1. We’re backing off the going to the nursing home thing – especially since I saw a memory care nursing home and all the people were way further gone than DH. He is not ready for that step except that the house isn’t set up kindly to someone with a motion disorder. We can help some of that. I’ve written to the VA to get his DD214 to see if he qualifies for benefits of any kind. I have financial documents to send to MaineCare to see if he qualifies for help there – they will help you stay out of a nursing home – Thank God. I can’t see him there.

So on the work issue, if DH has a bad night and I have to be up then going to work is problematical. I will be too tired to talk on the phone all day and missing work is bad. I don’t get a lot of hours but what little I did last year did help. I wish I didn’t have Libra rising – where I can see both sides of ANYTHING AND IT DRIVES ME NUTS.

I would like somebody else to make decisions for me. I am going to invent a person who makes all decisions for me. I will not blame her if they are wrong the way I would blame me if they are wrong. I will just accept these decisions and go on with it. I’m not going back to work. That was quick.

Hubbie seems to be improving with the visits from Gentiva. He can do whatever they ask. I think it is a very positive situation now.

I took some time and cleaned off the sewing table. It is ready to cut out more fabric. I had some knits I just bought that needed their first bath and only dryer visit. I hang clothes after I’m done sewing them. The dryer is hard on everything and will wear your clothes out SO FAST. Unless I am in jeopardy of going naked, I hang dry.

I’ve got to name my friend who makes decisions for me. Just so I can say hey “whatsyurname” make this decision. I think I’ll call her Ariadne. Yes! Ariadne! OOOOH I like it! She will love her new name.

She doesn’t need to make any big decisions right now. We’re cool. I’m getting the heat pump installed in two weeks. I am sending a lot of stuff to auction in Saco, Maine. There is so much to get rid of now. I need to know there isn’t a lot of extraneous stuff hanging around in case I need to move. Life must not include so many possessions. Fabric is OK. šŸ™‚

I started some more Ebay auctions – need money – when do I not?

My tea bag says “The beauty of life is to explore yourself.” I am really sinking here for something to write …………




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  1. Jennifer says:

    I don’t even mind the ads – why I like foreign magazines better than ours I do not know! Hey you know the counters are not looking bad. I love the pearly white stuff. I also put some of the venetian plaster up on the wall and I like it too but it’s just a bit too browny pink for me —— I’m not sure about it. I’ll see how it looks tomorrow ……… have a great weekend ……..


  2. LOL…funny ending. Too bad you can’t sell your house and get an apartment or smaller place. One with no stairs. I love that magazine, by the way but too many ads. Can’t wait to see the finished counters. Great idea for the floor.


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