Kitchen Redux


I just slapped – and I do use that term literally – some Behr’s Venetian Plaster in Corsican up on the wall. It is wonderfully thick MUD and it’s going to be beautiful. It really is pink – not the beige color the color chip shows on one of my posts.

I put some more LusterStone on the countertop. I have one quart left and a whole countertop to do – eeeeek. I hope I have enough. I am going to do the second one a little differently. I may actually prime underneath the countertop with some white paint.

I have a double stainless steel sink and boy do I want to replace it. I want a porcelain farmer’s sink – who doesn’t? I think they are expensive.

Speaking of expensive – I have been seeing ads on TV for the Sleep Number Dual Temperature thing which will fit over the top of your mattress and gives controls for two people to determine whether they want cool or warm. I looked at this on their website – and the king size is $1899.99! For a temperature control pad that is 3″ thick??????????????????????????? My mattress didn’t even cost that much …………..

A year ago we were having some really bad financial times. I wasn’t working because the psychologist said I couldn’t leave DH by himself. In February DS left his job – it was an awful place and we supported that decision totally. But we were behind the eight ball financially. We started not having enough money for food, bill paying, oil for Christ‘s sake – and DS needed to pay for one month of medicine because he was in between his health insurance and medicare. So I sold some stuff. Like first my diamond. Then my mother’s diamond (sorry Mom but I had to buy medicine) and then my wedding band (that hurt) and then my engagement ring. I got enough since gold is so high to buy some oil, some food and some medicine. As it was we spent two weeks or more in May of 2012 with no hot water because the oil tank was dry. I ended up going to Salvation Army in June to get some food at the end of the month. That I will never do again – we will starve first.

Having sold the above, I had no ring to where except a garnet ring I had purchased in 1989. It is not fancy or pretty. This May, I replaced my rings. I only got one, but it is a nice one and I now have something to wear on my left hand that is pretty. It is just a teensy bit large but my fingers will swell in the heat so I think it will be okay. I may have to get it resized down a 1/2 size.

It is pouring down rain. Hurricane Andrea is here but there are no winds – just rain rain rain. It’s good to have a rainy day for a change and I’ve put the air conditioner in the dry mode so I can paint and it will dry!

Ta till later –




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