Back to the Kitchen

Did anyone watch A Year in Provence? That was a super A&E production before they started doing weird reality shows that nobody watches.It was based on a book by Peter Mayle and it was true — he and his wife Annie moved to France to start their lives after retirement. It was SO funny. There was a fella named Rivere’ who killed things and hung them upside down. Sometimes he would leave dead things hanging upside down as a gift for Annie – the city girl from London …………..There were hilarious scenes when people would come to visit and STAY FOREVER and Annie and Peter would have to think of ways to get them to leave.Their daily life was funny too. Annie wanted her kitchen redesigned and hired a contractor. He would always say ‘normalimo’ about when he would come with his crew. He showed her before and after pictures. He was aghast that she wanted her kitchen to look like the before picture. This series was largely responsible for our move to PEI but it has to share the blame with Philip R. Craig’s J.W. Jackson Martha’s Vineyard mysteries and Phoebe Atwood Taylor’s Asey Mayo mysteries. All about islands ……..

And that’s me. I want my kitchen to look like the before picture of a French rustic kitchen. Let’s face it – even if I have $50K to drop on the kitchen, it would look stupid in an old house. I like the super modern kitchens with metallic base cabinets in black or red and no wall cabinets and a sleek countertop – but not in my 1915 house. I don’t like wood cabinets after spending years with either oak or a dark wood in the last two homes. I like painted cabinets. I painted mine.

I have almost finished applying LusterStone by Faux Effects to the countertop opposite the sink area. It looks wonderful. The only thing I might have done differently would be to put an undercoat of white on top of the formica. Since my cabinets are a pale aqua blue the blue coming through the crushed pearl stone looks great.

Now I am ready and primed to attack the beige plastic tiled walls. I cannot believe I’ve lived with these for almost 6 years. They are putrid. They are going to be covered with Behr’s Venetian Plaster in Corsican. I will love them.

I need to finish the trim after I do the walls and then just a little painting on the cupboards in places and we’re done. I’m going to make curtains for the lower cabinets. If I can I am going to buy some nifty fabric but if not I have some upstairs that will be great.

My kitchen is also going to get a new floor. The oak wood is okay but not ducky. I’m going to paint the floor white as soon as I can figure out what kind of paint to use and also how to keep everyone out of the kitchen until it dries. That’s a chore.

But you know what? I’m thrilled to death to be doing this. I may freak out when I have to get up on the ladder to do the high point of the walls – God for a carpenter’s daughter I hate heights. I have the balance of an old lady with an inner ear infection. Sigh. I can do it. I am the little engine that could.

Cover of "A Year In Provence"
Cover of A Year In Provence

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