We ARE What We Think

“Always remember, your focus determines your reality.”
― George Lucas

 A few posts ago I wrote about focus and in another post, Isobel Hickey’s work It Is All Right. Today while perusing my reader here on WordPress, I found this quote on The Happy Guide’s blog – along with many others that are just the bees knees!  Succinct and to the point – the above quote from no less than George Lucas is ambrosia to the ears.

George Lucas is one of those people from my generation who has left a legacy of film that has inspired several generations. My son has watched Star Wars movies since he was 2 and watched Return of the Jedi in the theater with us while sitting on my lap. He didn’t squirm through the whole movie – he was entranced. This was quite an accomplishment for Mr. Lucas.

Since 1982 my son has watched every Star Wars movie produced several times. When things are bad for him and he’s feeling down – he watches the first Star Wars. I always know to be a teensy bit worried about depression if he is watching this too many times. I do the same thing with Agatha Christie mysteries – when I need comforting I pick up a Poirot or a Miss Marple – they remind me of a time in my life when I had nothing to worry about – when my parents did all the big worrying and I just worried about which color lipstick to wear or what outfit would make me look thinner. You know, the big stuff for a teenager.

I look at life as a learning experience. We start to learn the minute after birth what makes us happy and what makes us cry. We have karma which can be viewed as past-life actions we need to deal with appropriately this time or can just be looked at as a stone skipping in the water – whatever we do creates a ring on the surface and so we should pay attention to what rings we create with our actions.

When we choose how to spend our day – a process that begins the minute you awake – we can choose to accept the day as a gift from the Cosmic Consciousness and we can see that gift as a big unfolding of events all day long. We choose whether to cloud the day with thoughts of burdens we must bear or we can choose to see the day as an adventure to be lived. How different a day would each of those bring?

In my classes as a psychic for Do Something Different in Michigan, I would tell my class about Edgar Cayce and how he said “we all create our own reality by what we think.” I think he and Mr. Lucas are cut from the same cloth.

I know we all have problems and they seem to be getting more intense the last few years. There are more people in dire straights, not just abroad where we Americans are used to seeing calamity and starvation and unrest – but here at home in our neighborhoods and at work. People are miserable. The economy which failed in 2008 took with it America‘s spirit. I have lived through many recessions but never one like this one. I had been reared on horror stories of the Great Depression and this time I was glad both my parents have made the transition to death because they could not have taken this last economic turmoil.

People are losing and have lost their homes, their jobs, their savings and have very little else left. People who saved for a lifetime to retire one day – not in luxury but in a modicum of comfort have seen all of that washed away. People in their 60s and 70s and probably even 80s are continuing to work because they cannot live if they don’t. Back in the 90s if you needed a home repair done or wanted to buy a car or send a child to college – you got a home equity loan. Now no one will lend money to you – once again – unless you don’t need it.

So we’re left to our own devices as to how survive in a country where everything is going up – like heating oil which is through the roof and used by almost every home in the state of Maine – like groceries where you can’t feed a family of 3 for less than $150 to $200 a week without very careful planning – like gas which is $3.44 a gallon here in Maine where wages are low and distances great – to electricity which never runs less than $60 a month and usually more than $120. We have costs of living and no living to be made.

These problems plague us every day. Is there anything we can DO about them? No, not really. We can make a great grocery list planning out what to buy and how to make it stretch. We can turn the thermostat down to just enough to keep the pipes from freezing. We can drive less. Here’s what else we can do, we can be happy.

We can look at our lives and see abundance. Abundance of energy, spirit and faith. We can calmly look at our lack of money or things as just a state that will pass eventually. We don’t have to own it or let it loose inside our minds while it chases an antidote to the poison the problems have unleashed.

We can start each day with the above quote from George Lucas and the quote from Edgar Cayce. We can be mindful and stay right here in the moment and ask ourselves – is there a problem right now right here in this exact moment? Is there anyone standing here screaming at me to pay a bill or asking me where all my money is? Is there someone saying your life is trash what have you done and why? Is there someone saying goodness you’re a failure at this aren’t you??

The answer is NO. There is no one saying these things except your mind which rolls around and around with problems to be solved. You can shut that mind up. You can refuse to pay attention to the constant whining and you can focus on the abundance in your life. The people you love, the stuff you have accumulated, the peace you get when you just do something like washing the dishes or mopping the floor with your mind just empty and you just doing. You can see your life as a frozen lake – calm and reflective. You can recognize that you the Cosmic Consciousness is everything – you, all objects you think are real and all manner of wealth and abundance are Cosmic Consciousness – Buddha, Brahma, God. You can recognize that your thoughts are creative and give life to everything you think. Give life to the reality you want – not the reality you fear. Give life.



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