The Kitchen of My Dreams

I am a person who prefers an old kitchen. With conveniences of course – but no wood cabinets – no cabinets at all above the counters and none of this fancy schmanzy brown or black granite.

My dream kitchen would be one from a French farmhouse – actually IN A FRENCH FARMHOUSE but my husband wouldn’t move to France so I took him to Canada. We came back.

Now I have a kitchen that is the original with some nasty redecoration done in the 60s. The house was built in 1915. The kitchen counters are blue formica (whimper) and the cabinets – thank God – have been painted white.

I have repainted them a nice pale pale blue by Martha Stewart Paints – it is called Enamel and looks blue in the daytime and fades to white-blue under the lights. It is gorgeous.

I haven’t finished painting the cabinets yet. After all I only started in March – of 2012. I got busy and we just put it back together and lived with it the way it is. I am now primed and ready to finish this kitchen!

I have a new plan – my wood floor needs refinishing – especially where the kid has dropped tons of water between the sink and the dishwasher. So instead of doing this – I am going to paint the floor white and scruff it up to make it look antique.

Today I started on the countertops. I cannot afford new countertops. I would want wood but forget that! I wouldn’t mind soapstone but that is also expensive. Granite I don’t want because I drop things and things will break. So I decided to try to “paint” my countertops using Faux Effects LusterStone – in Crushed Pearl! It is this color


It is so beautiful! It has different colors that show through in different light – you can see it change in the animation above.

I have put on one coat (after priming it with PrimeEtch to make the LusterStone stick to formica) and it is almost dry. Then I keep troweling on thin coats, sanding, another coat, sanding – on and on until I get the look I want. So far I love this stuff!

I also bought Behr’s Venetian Plaster for my walls. They are plastic dirty beige tiles that would have come in a sheet. My Dad would call these congoleum or something equally as horrendous. Beige PLASTIC tiles should never have been invented. So my walls will get treated to this


which is called Corsican and actually is more pink on the color chip than what it shows here. So we have blue cabinets (pale aqua blue) white pearl countertops and pink plaster walls. To finish off the kitchen I am making curtains in a lovely periwinkle/white/cobalt print to cover the bottom cabinets and lord knows what I’m doing with the top cupboards – but I’m not putting the doors back up. I don’t like wall to wall cabinets. They offend my eyes.

I was planning on sewing today when I just got the urge to mess in paint – seems so much more fun!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks – I’m enjoying the process!


  2. ryankjones says:

    you’re doing a lot of work on your house! good luck


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