I’m a firm believer that everyone on this planet is psychic. Some of us have an ingrained psychic tool that turns on without our actively thinking about it or trying to activate it. It’s just there.

Edgar Cayce was one of those people. He could fall asleep over a book and when he awoke he would know everything in it. This was really helpful for him as he wasn’t the best student!

He also was able to see auras around people – all the time. It took him a while to learn that not everyone saw these auras. He though everyone did. Once, when attempting to get on an elevator, he noticed there were no auras around the souls in the elevator. He did not get on. The elevator crashed and all inside were killed. He had instinctively not put himself into that elevator.

Psychics come in all flavors. There are the faux gypsy type and the snake oil salesman type and the celebrity type and the ….. you get it – they come in as many different guises as everyone else.

My particular psychic persona was one of reluctance. I would always get antsy before someone arrived at my home for a reading. I didn’t want to do the reading. I would feel something akin to stage fright. Outside of my psychic persona I was a normal-looking low-keyed artsy type with artsy occupations and family responsibilities.

I didn’t seek the limelight. I had requests for interviews, particularly on one case of murder that I had been consulting the detective about. I turned that down. I would rather not be on the TV news talking about how I can see things.

My reluctance to read became so strong that after 5 or 6 years I quit taking clients. I had family issues at the time with a sick child and I had plenty on my plate. The life interruption was too much for me. I also didn’t want to do it any more.

Although reading people came naturally to me, the energy flow toward the other person was extreme.  At first I was just exhausted after a reading. I talked with another psychic and she told me to put salt in my shoes to protect me. I had to cover myself in white light. As a healing person – if a person I read had the cramps or a headache or a backache – when they left I would have it. Empathy was strong and my covering shield had to be built up.

One Saturday night I went to a group reading. I read 17 people between 7 pm and 3 am. Even my hair was tired. I felt vampirized of energy.

Now that I’m doing all this lovely caregiving stuff – I am getting the vampire drain on my energy again. It is physically draining but also mentally exhausting. I’m putting salt in my shoes today ………………. and my white light shield is UP.



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  1. That psychic biatch :) says:

    I am often that, I blame my teenagers mostly…


  2. Jennifer says:

    Duh – another day – another fight with a creditor – jesus this has to end –


  3. Jennifer says:

    Haha – sometimes I feel like the grinch ………….


  4. That psychic biatch :) says:

    Your level of empathic ability is off the charts. Could feel so much on you just looking at your picture.


  5. Always keep the white light around you and I hope the salt works. I’ve seen salt do incredible things.


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