Leonard Cohen


It is so weird that I come very late to Leonard Cohen, his music, his words. He has been writing poetry and music for years. I can only say that since I was ill at the age of 19, 20 and 21 – my own personal demons blocked out Leonard.

I remember when I was working at a bookstore in Canada – helping the off-island owner to get it up and running – he had a Leonard Cohen book with a napkin inside of it signed by Leonard Cohen. He was shocked that I didn’t know who he was talking about. Forgive me Leonard – I have found you now.

A month or so ago our local PBS station was doing a campaign for donations. We watched a music program with a guy who played the guitar like it was his voice and THEN . . . . .

The very next show was Live in London. Leonard Cohen came on stage and the wonderful band played the most marvelous songs. I said to myself – wow Leonard can you sing? I didn’t think he could. But I was mesmerized. And then I started feeling Leonard and I recognized that oh yeah boy he can SING.

As soon as I could afford it I bought the music from Live to London at the iTunes store. I have it on my second iPod given to me by my son. My iPod that I have already has music on it purchased while I was in Canada. I think I can sync it and still keep my Krishna Das music – but I want to be sure before I do anything.

Now I listen to Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati’s guided meditations on the new iPod and some on the old one. I listen to Leonard on the new one. I put Leonard on when I’m sewing – to me his voice is the Pavarotti of the sixties – The Pied Piper.

He’s going to be 79 this year. I will be 62 in January (look out social security here I come) and I could become a Leonard Cohen groupie. He sways me even more than Ringo did back when I was 11. I am in lust.

His gravely 40 cigs a day voice sounds like sensuality magnified. I see Paris when I hear “Dance Me to The End of Love“.  I feel uplifted when he sings “First We Take Manhattan“. Hallelujah is, of course, fantastic. All of the songs on Live in London are thought-provoking.

I looked for the PBS special from that night on and haven’t found it yet. I hope they do it again because I am going to record it. I have found something – my man.


He makes my knees shake.


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  1. You changed your whole blog face. The flowers are beautiful. Glad things are going well:) Cohen is awesome.


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