Am I Still In Maine Or Did I Move to Michigan In My Sleep?

Something bad may have happened Thursday night.  I wasn’t sure about it yesterday – but now there isn’t much doubt. I think I got moved on Thursday night to Michigan. I am not in Maine anymore.

I can tell this because it is so f$#$@ing hot you start hyperventilating walking outside. Even the Walgreens I go to almost every day was hot INSIDE. This is not Maine.

Michigan is hot this time of year. You can’t live anywhere near Detroit and not swelter. So I’m pretty sure I’m there.

I can still see Broadway Park though and this has me pretty confused. Yesterday somebody set up a tent in the park until the cops came along and made them take it down. You can’t camp in Broadway Park. And it’s so weird I can still see it.

Funny the house seems the same. I woke DS up at 10 am – horrors – we’re getting a mini split heat pump put in soon but I couldn’t take the heat anymore. So he put a big window air conditioner in for me. I might be feeling Maine soon – although it really seems to be Michigan.

Do you think it’s my age? Am I forgetting where I’m at? That’s scary. I could swear my cat is supposed to be black and white but now she’s kind of grayish brown with stripes and dots. What happened to the black and white one? And where’s my garden – I don’t see it.

I’ll know for sure on Thursday if I’m in Maine or Michigan – because if I’m in Michigan it will be payday for DH and I will go get groceries. If I’m in Maine – well ………….. we’ll just have to see ……….


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