A Short Note

This will be short because I am heading up to the sewing room to do buttonholes. While I was waiting for DH to get out of the bathroom this morning I finished hand sewing the collar! Whoot!

I marked the buttonholes and put the foot on the machine – ready to fly!

We took an hour out and went to the grocery store so we don’t have to go on the 3rd when the social security recipients are all over the store. It is so crowded in there you can’t breathe.

We now have lots of nummie food and we’re set on laundry soap, etc. I’m cool.

I splurged and bought two sets of sheets. I am so tired of washing the only set I have – DS took one of my flat sheets? I can’t get it back. So I bought two sets for $21 each – what a thrill. One is hot pink and the other is a black and white tiny floral. I am thrilled.

I also bought a T-fal skillet. A teflon one. It’s been years – I blew all of $19.95 on it. And I got some new measuring cups and a bottle of Andre spumonti just for me. MEMEMEMEME. Love that cheap stuff.

Another bottle of Sinful Colors fell off the shelf and into my basket. I got “Hazard” this time.

It’s 90 something today and we don’t have the heat pump in yet so no air conditioning on the first floor. We have it upstairs because yesterday DS took the initiative and put them in. It is so comfortable in the bedroom now …. I almost don’t want to leave.

I still have laundry to do, etc. But I’m not feeling so pressured. After all – it’s Saturday! Enjoy your weekend!


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