Dreams Bliss and Visualizations

meditateIn doing the Illuminate Your Heart’s Desire  guided meditation from Dr. Shankardev, he states that we have too many desires and choices and that we cannot get what we want because we truly do not know what we want at the level of our heart.

I find this to be a truth for me and need to prompt myself to stay on track with my heart’s desire and not splatter off into a million different desires/goals. In the guided meditation you are finding your heart’s desire and then illuminating it and bringing it to the cosmic consciousness and leaving it there. It is called a Sankalpa and Dr Shankardev explains in Meditation and Yoga Nidra that whenever a Sankalpa is repeated before and after Yoga Nidra it will come to pass. As he says, “Everything in life may fail you, but not the Sankalpa”.

There are as many heart’s desires as there are hearts. We all need something for our lives to take on meaning. Many of us search for enlightenment while others may merely need the security of having food and shelter.  Spending time with Illuminating Your Heart’s Desire will guide you through what YOU truly desire and the Universe will start bringing to you the steps to get you where you want to be.

For a material example of this, several years ago I sold antique quilts and used and out of print books. I loved doing this but particularly I loved finding the quilts. There were so many at that time and the prices weren’t always affordable as the economy was good and demand was high. I would sit and dream about a quilt in a particular pattern that I would love to own. Within days, if not hours, I would see that quilt for sale. It just showed up. And it was affordable with room to allow me to make a profit.

At some point I got used to this happening. My friend David from PEI had the same thing happen, only with books. When he awoke in the morning he would automatically know that there was a valuable book out there at a flea market, auction or yard sale that he needed to get. He was directed to where it was and was able to buy it even though he never had much in the way of money. David is your original and authentic live off the land person.

I used to go to Barnes and Noble in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan to pick up British magazines. Once a month I would buy Country Living UK, House Beautiful UK and BBC Homes and Antiques. I was thrilled. My little Yorkie and I would sit on the fainting couch in my dining room with eight-pane windows overlooking the back porch and yard with all its apple trees and gardens. I would drink tea and Dottie would snooze. I would read my magazines from cover to cover. And I still have all of those magazines but sadly Dottie left us in 1997.

I’ve tried to find these magazines since I moved out of Michigan in 2000. For a time I subscribed to one of them but it was horribly expensive. And of course no one on PEI or here in Bangor carries these – especially since Borders went out of business.

I was so thrilled to find iTunes newstand on my iPad – which my son gave me when he replaced his. Now I can read my British magazines on the iPad and the cost was $1.99 an issue because they are having a sale. Amazing.

Once again, something I want and/or enjoy has shown up. I am so grateful.

In April’s issue of Country Living UK they did a story about starting your own business – which they do every month. This month’s business is a bookstore. As a former bookseller I read that article and immediately wanted to start my very own brick and mortar store. I’m not at all sure if this is just a feeling of reminiscence or if I truly want to do this. Time will tell. I still have my major dream of being a fashion designer. I’m not sure I’d give up the latter for the former.

There is something that nags at me when I visualize my life in fashion design. My age. I say to myself, you are too old to start something new – you should have done this when you were younger – you can’t do this now – you have too much else you need to do. Ah. That’s my little self arguing with my Self. Self has shut her up for now. I am NOT so old I need to do nothing. I have maybe 30 years left in this play God has made for me – that’s plenty of time.

Spend some time on yourself. Find what it is that you truly desire from the pit of your heart. Then sit back and watch the Universe direct you toward your goal. You will be amazed how quickly it will happen. Namaste.




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