An Attitude of Gratitude

I drink Yogi tea. They have little paper tabs on their bags with spiritual sayings. Last night my taggie said “An attitude of gratitude brings opportunity.”

I wear clothes with affirmations in them too. My Flax floods I sleep in say “I’m Happy.” You have to love it.

Opportunity. Gratitude. Attitude. Hmm. How many times a day I walk around counting the things I lack instead of what I have? I concentrate on the WHY IS THIS SO HARD instead of THANK YOU FOR WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW parts of my life.

Gratitude is a wonderful tool in your spiritual enlightenment quiver. If you remember that whatever is happening at the moment is the best the Universe has for you right now then you get to a primary stage of enlightenment – acceptance. By accepting what is instead of trying to control it and change it to what you want to be, you step out of the future and get right back to the present.

Sometimes I have to write down what I am grateful for just so I can focus. Being wrapped up in lack only promotes more lack. In reading Vasishta‘s Yoga – a book I have mentioned many times – there is a story about Bushunda. Bushunda is a crow who sits in the top of a tree. Nothing ever shakes him loose from that tree. Not storms, or plagues or earthquakes. Bushunda was given that perch in the tree by Brahma and he just stays there throughout eternity. Bushunda has a lovely philosophy about wealth and poverty. He says that why should one make him happy and the other make him anxious? They are both a part of him just as one wing or the other is part of him. This story always places me right into the moment.

Opportunities do not come when you are stressed about the present, past or future. Opportunity for a new job, a different path, the life you want – comes when you are in an attitude of gratefulness. When you can see Brahma in the flowers, the trees, the grass and the sky. When you are calm, rested, happy, at peace within yourself – opportunities flow. I am always amazed when I get something I have dearly desired – and I’m talking about an event not a thing – and how I didn’t have to struggle to get it. Struggling is an action of the self trying to control the world where being is the Self allowing the future to unfold in front of you without resistance.

Meditating on gratitude instead of lack will show you your path. I’m grateful you’re reading this ……….


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  1. dev says:

    i am greatful that u shared this beautiful thought with us…….

    i’m happy 🙂

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  2. Jennifer says:

    I am! I have to hand sew the collar on the purple shirt. I can’t wait to cut out a knit tee so I can use my Mother’s Day serger. I conquered the threading part which scared me so now I feel good about it. I have only a month left until I go back to work so sewing time will occupy most of my afternoons while DH is sleeping. Of course my schedule won’t be too taxing at work so I can sew and work at the same time. As long as DH has support and someone to be with him – I can go back. I’m not sure I can leave him with DS because DS has freaked a couple of times. I tell him just to call me if he needs me and I can come home ……….. glad I didn’t pursue that job traveling 4 days a week ……… I love your conversations AND your ATCs – and your photographs and ……….


  3. Great post. Hope you’re getting your sewing time in.


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