Summer? Where’s Summer?



Maine is great. Maine in the rain is not great. In 2009 we didn’t have a day without rain for two months. Or what seemed like two months. It’s May 25 and still rainy and cold. Last year it was 80 degrees in March. If this is global warming – what is global cooling?

I guess this rain came from all the tornadoes out west and probably mixed with some southeastern garbage on the jet stream – but whatever it is it is ENOUGH ALREADY.

A week or so ago we were all commenting about what wonderful weather (weathah) we were having. Boy that changed! Here it is, Memorial Day weekend and summer is supposed to be here and it’s not.

So what do Maineahs do when it rains? This Maineah is going to try to stay out of bed – this kind of weathah hits and I get really sleepy – all the time …………….. And I’m going to bake. It’s cold in the house anyway so the oven heat will be a blessing.

Lots of stuff is going to happen next week. We sign the loan papers for the heat pump, the assessment to see what help we can get with DH‘s care and pay-day. I love pay-day even though it comes and goes so fast. And I’m making a new commitment to myself – only 1 hour in the morning on the internet. I can kill more time on Twitter, Facebook and pretend shopping! Not to mention WordPress!

The garden will get in as soon as it’s dry enough for me to plant. I have one VegTrug filled with tomatoes and some herbs. The next one will hold peppers and lettuce, arugula, radishes, cucumbers, etc. I’m going to start zucchini in the trug and move it when the additional elevated bed arrives.

DS said to get another kind of elevated bed because he found putting the VegTrugs together a challenge. Everything does have to be square and we had to take them apart a few times to get it just right. Otherwise the side boards won’t fit properly.

Sadly the other elevated beds are not in stock and could take too long to arrive. We don’t have a long growing season here. Too bad – kid is going to have to help with putting the largest VegTrug together!

I have a nice obelisk that I’m going to use as supports for my two grape vines. And the raspberries are going in a small cleared area in the back. I can’t wait to have grapes and raspberries!

I’ve always wanted a lemon tree. I think it’s because my Uncle Frank had lemons and oranges at his home in Garden Grove, California. He was a farmer who moved from Illinois to California and had to give up farming. He went to work in a factory but he kept his hand in the soil with the trees.

I’ve found a Meyer Lemon tree I can bring inside inย the fall and have fresh lemons! It’s bigger to start with – 4 to 5 feet – so the tree will bear fruit right away. I have room for this in my kitchen when the cold sets in. It will smell so nice and I only hope Maggie the Cat stays out of the pot …………….

I hope you’re having sunshine wherever you are – we’ll keep hoping!






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  1. Jennifer says:

    I’d take one warm day! I think I was spoiled there for a while. I planted tomatoes, herbs and now I need to do the peppers and some more herbs – the raspberries and grapes. Shoot! The greenhouse cover blew off the Vegtrug ๐Ÿ™‚ guess it’s not used to Maine weather either! Thanks for good thoughts!


  2. salpal1 says:

    If you think summer in Maine should be here by Memorial Day, you have not been in Maine very long! I hope for summer by July 4. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I hear you on the rain – I am about tired of it, even though we desperately needed it, we don’t need to make up the whole deficit in one week!

    I planted in the rain this morning – I figure then I don’t have to water, they won’t get sunburned, and eventually I will have good peas, beans, tomatoes, etc. If the beans rot in the ground, I can always plant them again. Lettuce is LOVING this weather, though.

    good luck with your assessment this week – I hope it works out for you so you can get a break, work and earn a bit more money. All good things.


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