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I’ve done a post before on Ayurveda and some minor learning I’ve done. I wanted to let you all know where to go to learn more about Ayurveda – particularly since we tend to get out of balance when the seasons change. Banyan Botanicals is the best website I have found for products that balance my pitta/kapha dosha. When we first moved to Maine, my husband and I took Banyan Botanicals herbal tablets – I think that the ashwaganda he took helped keep the Parkinson’s-cortical basal stuff at bay.

On the site, under the tab Ayurveda you will find the quiz to determine your dosha and/or doshas. I am pitta/kapha and at various times one or the other will be out of balance. That balance quiz is there too. This is helpful because at the change of seasons, the dosha that is dominant in the season may get out of balance unless you are already living a dosha balancing life.

I recently took the quiz and my pitta is way overboard – I’d kind of noticed since I’d done nothing but scream for a few weeks :). The family wasn’t amused at all. I mentioned in my last Ayurveda post that DH is definitely showing stages way into a vatta imbalance and he is vatta dosha. Since nothing the allopathic medicine crew is telling me can help – we’re doing some holistic health helps. First, he’s following a vatta balancing diet. Second we’re on the ashwaganda and mental clarity tablets again. These aren’t going to conflict with anything else. Third, his schedule is going to be a vatta schedule for sleeping, waking and eating. A routine, in other words, that will help balance out the issues.

I find over the last week and a half that I am much calmer. Not totally un-irate yet – just less. I am using brahmi oil as an Ayurvedic self-massage, taking Healthy Pitta tablets and a Triphala tablet before I go to bed. I have no trouble getting up at 5:30 – I actually could get up earlier. I’ve curtailed the hot peppers. I miss them but I know they were just helping me overheat. Oddly I am not having hot flashes as bad now. Whoot! Hot flashes, in a word, suck.

Also I’m meditating – and all of Dr. Shankardev’s CD‘s are at Banyan Botanicals too. I’m taking care of myself because I need to be balanced and healthy to do what I do.

Ayurveda is such an old healing practice with layer upon layer of information. I basically see that Ayurveda treats issues like too much heat for pitta with no hot food – too much air for vatta with warm clothing and no cold temps and too much heaviness and lethargy with kapha dosha by eliminating mucous, not drinking cold anything and limiting or foregoing milk and dairy.

If DH could go to an Ayurvedic doctor, he could be treated and may be better – although the systemic changes in his brain won’t be reversed no matter what treatment he gets. Brain tissue will not grow back unless some miracle of stem cell research finds a way. But he could deteriorate less quickly.

If you feel “not yourself” check out the information at Banyan Botanicals – here’s the link – you might find some really useful information!




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