God it’s been raining for five days now. Yetch. I’ve had maybe two hours outside the whole week to get the second VegTrug together and it isn’t planted yet either.

Again this morning we have rain. I’m not sure that it will ever stop. When it rains like this, we get water in the basement. The seller had said on their disclosure form “some moisture during heavy rains”. They were so full of crap. They also neglected to tell us that the yard belonged to the house behind us and they even came and mowed their neighbor’s yard so we wouldn’t know this before closing. Karma is a wonderful thing though. What goes around …….

I got a call from the agency that needs to do an assessment on DH before he can be qualified for whatever care they’re willing to give him. My fear is that they will say assisted living or something like that or better yet home health care which means it won’t get any better here at all. My son and I can’t take anymore peeing on the floor not to mention the other stuff – which I have to clean up and which DH gets all over the floors walls furniture radiators tub and wherever he touches. There’s nothing like seeing somebody drenched in sh*t walking up the stairs. They’d better give me an assessment that allows him to go to a nursing facility because that’s what he needs. He cannot stay here. It is so bad that if they say he has to stay here with assistance from home health care – I’m moving. I will go live somewhere where I have rest and peace and where I can work full-time and not be under constant pressure. We’ll see how fast they find him a nursing home when he’s alone.

This new trend of “care” in the home – I don’t know how long ago this started – I did hospice for my mother when she was dying and that was 3 weeks. That too was hard but this is ridiculous. This has been 3 years. Lord I am not going to do this anymore. They just have no idea. I did not sign up for 24/7 nursing care and this is way past the ‘better or worse’ thing in the stupid marriage vows. No this is not worse – this is beyond anything one person can do. DS does not clean up pee or crap or do laundry or wash down walls and furniture with crap on them – no. I am all alone in this. DS just gets upset because he dad gags at supper all the time and is dingy. No kidding.

DH was trying to hook up his stereo yesterday. He had no clue what he was doing. He will probably electrocute himself again. I can’t stop him – he won’t listen to me – so I just let him do what he’s doing. He finally gave up because he had no clue.

So the assessment will be done by the end of next week. The woman on the phone wanted to know if there was a bed available which made me wonder if there isn’t a really long waiting list in which case I leave too. Being homeless is better than living like this …………. he’s up – gotta go make his breakfast. Whimper.


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