Update ….

The doctor’s appointment went wonderfully well – for me at any rate. She agrees that it is time for DH to have professional care and that it is safer for him to live in a nursing home.

We are going to start the process. I have to fill out a form requesting an assessment going through the back door. If a person isn’t on Medicaid in the state of Maine – they are automatically put on a waiting list. Well we can’t wait.

Hubbie wasn’t pleased and did a lot of crying at the doctor’s office. She was concerned about whether he was crying because he’s depressed or because of the brain atrophy or because of the nursing home discussion. She couldn’t get an answer out of him – which isn’t unusual and never has been. He’s never answered a question with a straight answer as long as I’ve known him.

Two things are going to happen fast. One – he will have a wheelchair in about a week. This will help so he can get around in the house and also so I can take him out of the house. Even for a push in the park would be nice.

Second – if there is a long waiting list for the nursing home – God I pray not – then I will have help with his care coming into the home. He is house-bound and I could certainly use the help. At the agency on aging I was told I would have to pay for it. It would be about $15 an hour. I was told today that he would qualify for care without cost. Some of these people at these agencies need to get an education.

We’re going to try to get him moved before I go back to work on July 1. If we can’t, I won’t be able to go. I can’t leave him at home anymore with DS as our son just cannot cope with the nastier aspects of caregiving. I need the job so even if I have to put DS in day care for a month or so I will. They even pick him up.

So life will get better eventually. On a brighter note, DS and I put one of the VegTrugs together yesterday. Wrong. So we need to take it apart and do it over. We’re doing that tomorrow. My plants arrived today!!!!! I gave them all a kiss and a drink and put the grape vines in the fridge. The seeds are here so all I need is to get the trugs up and we’re growing!

It’s been an exhausting month. I am looking forward to gardening and getting all the paperwork, etc. done for DH. I also have to get guardianship over him. It is too late for a power of attorney. Once that is completed the worst will be done.

Here’s a picture of my VegTrug – imagine it with tomatoes, peppers and zucchini!



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  1. TamrahJo says:

    Thoughts with you and DH – not an easy path to walk, and I hope it goes as smoothly as possible for you all.


  2. I’m glad things went so well. Hope it’s all finished soon.


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