Back to focusing ….

Whew. Life has been spinning at a seismic rate around here. I have so many things to do and so many things I want to do – I have to write them down. Sorry  warning label 🙂 this may be boring ………….

On the caregiving end we’re starting to come down off the hysteria and take it one day at a time. The neurologist put DH back on the medicine that the other neurologist stopped in February. Hopefully this helps as DH has deteriorated since then at a rapid rate. I will either have nursing home placement ASAP for him or at least home healthcare. And we will have a wheelchair.

On the “get this damned house cleaned up” front I have a – for lack of a better word – picker coming tomorrow. It’s a gentleman from a Maine company featured on our local PBS station. I cannot wait. He’s going to look at all of the hand tools in the basement and stuff in the attic. I am thrilled. I need this stuff cleaned out now. If it’s still in boxes after 6 years – we don’t need it and won’t use it. When I have to move I want that move to be as easy as possible and dragging stuff I don’t use isn’t easy.

I need to get back down in the basement and move stuff around – open boxes and sort through stuff to see what’s there. I opened 2 big painting boxes and found paintings I’d forgotten we had. They may go too – I sure hope so. We have many paintings, posters, prints, watercolors, etc. on our walls. They can go too. I have a walking bear soapstone carving and I’m hoping he wants that – plus a huge longcase clock from Germany around 1850. That’s toast. Plus a crystal chandelier from a hotel in Chicago – gone. I hope all of this STUFF appeals to him. But I need to open it up for viewing. Also I have some old quilts that can go and a few new ones that might fit into another organization associated with this business.

Gardening wise we have to put the VegTrugs together. The plants are here – oh no. Luckily they won’t need to be planted for a couple of days so we have time. The seeds should be sown and the raspberry canes planted and the grape vines are in the fridge? Why I do not know but I just follow directions ………..

My floors are dirty. It looks like somebody tried to make mud pies on the kitchen floor and then didn’t eat them. I’m going to mop and then put on a shiny thing. My stairs going upstairs have so much cat hair on them I’m thinking about naming the new cat. Euwww she’s shedding. Lovely little pooh bear – but nasty with the hair thing.Maggie

Doesn’t she look innocent? Well she’s not. We have leather furniture – or should I say HAD leather furniture. Maggie scratches this furniture daily. The stuffing is showing on my ottoman and one big chair. She’s taking care of the couch now. She has a scratching post and scratching pad thingies and has never scratched them once. She plays with the ball that goes round and round her turbo toy but will totally ignore the scratching thing in the center. And I think she knows very well where these scratching things are – and could give a flying you know what. When we went to bed last night – she decided it was manicure time and was biting her claws. I’d like to bite her claws but it’s too late now. The furniture is dead. She has killed it.

I have books to put away – books to read – I’m doing a couple of new meditations so I take an hour in the afternoon for that. If I don’t meditate I feel exhausted by 5 pm. I’ve been staying up until DH wants to go to bed. I am an early to bed early to rise kind of person. He’s a night owl. I can’t leave him by himself while I sleep  so I’ve tried this stay up late thing. Yuck. I need rest. Besides between the sheets all snuggy warm I can read and chill out from the stress …………

And I have my brand new serger in the sewing room and tons of new fabric and more fabric waiting ………. I need to get into the sewing room and finish my purple shirt and start on a knit top I can do on the serger. I am also making a cool shirt from Drape Drape 3. OOOOOOOH I wanna do this ……..


I have this fabric for it



This is super sheer so I will need to either double it or wear a cami. I will have to make a white or nude one because the white one I have is worn out.  Here are some more pictures from Drape Drape 3 – and I can’t wait to get Drape Drape and Drape Drape 2. Plus I’m working on fashion illustration …………

So I guess I’d better get dressed and get moving – time does not wait for me!



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