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In a couple other posts here I’ve explained my “job” as a psychic. I regularly read around 30 people a week – more if you count the 35 or so in my classes for Do Something Different in Michigan.

I used numerology and my psychic ability in those classes. I could focus in on one person in a crowd of many through their life path and life cycle numbers. Given the large class, this was the only way to do this.

In my private readings at my home or those of my clients, I used the Tarot. I particularly like, and have used exclusively for years, the Mary Hanson-Roberts Tarot cards. I still use them to read me.

When I first started getting readings I thought that the reader was actually looking at the cards and getting information from them. As in memorizing the meanings of the cards and giving that back. Once I started reading for others, I learned that that isn’t true.

When I read and the client shuffles and cuts the cards I already know quite a bit about the client. I have already done the life path and life cycle numerology and I am “in the zone”. This method is also how I read people over the phone in distant cities. I would shuffle the cards for them after the numerology and I would give them the reading. They didn’t need to touch the cards they only needed to open their psyche.

When I read, I have guides.My guides are 3 spirits or entities. They are very particular about what I say. They use language differently from me, but I have to use theirs. If there is something bad that is going to happen, Jennifer (or Rachael as was my reading name) would make the decision not to say anything, not wanting to cause pain. My guides would let me know that if I didn’t say anything – they would shut up – that would be all I was going to get from them.

If whatever was happening was going to happen no matter what – my guides would let me not say anything. Letting my client know something they could not change was pointless. Instead, we (my guides and I) focused on methods the client must use to cope in the future.

I often would explain that there were trials ahead and that they needed to let things happen as they were. That they needed not to try to control circumstances. This would apply to a woman whose daughter had been murdered to a woman expecting her first child and living in that joy.

One client I read frequently was madly in love with a man who was not madly in love with her, but yet was living with her and allowing her to believe he loved her. She was always finding notes he’d written to other women or calls he’d made, etc. Her need to have this one particular person at all costs – was killing her. She could not step back and see that the Universe was ready to give her her soul mate if she would just recognize that this man wasn’t him.

Sometimes when I was reading in class, I would tear up. The emotion I felt was their emotion coupled with mine. Double dose. I read a very nice lovely person in class in Royal Oak one evening. I had her index card with her first name and birthday. After giving her life path and life cycle numbers I started to cry. She was African-American and in her mid-thirties. She was a career woman with a good job. I saw a baby and told her that. She laughed saying that she wasn’t married and she didn’t think that was going to happen. Two months later she was in my chair at my home – pregnant. It was joyous for her and for me. The little boy became the absolute love of her life and gave dimension and illuminated every aspect of her life from then on. She became a regular client.

When I read someone I always recorded the reading for them. That way they could listen to it and not try to remember everything or take notes. Many times I have had clients call telling me that something I told them has occurred but not in the same time frame they or I expected. Time is not important to my guides. There is no linear time. Full stop. No linear time. I think of time as a spiral – radiating out from the center of your soul – at any moment you can reach out and take the experience on the furthest spiral or the closest. In other words, the events are all there at the same point that we on this plane call time.

I used the Tarot to get to the place I needed to go to read someone. For me the cards were my signal to get to work. They were the signal to my guides that they better jump on board because the train was taking off. They were only a guidepost.

I used the 12 house layout in my readings. Laying out the cards in a 12 card circle and then proceeding to add cards as I read. I would read the first round and then add two or three more cards on top of each of those. A lot of my clients would want a reading every month or so – and I would let them know that we needed to have a 3 month spread between readings. No sense in getting my guides all upset. They had given their information.

The clients who understood the information I gave them and where it was coming from, were marvelous. And then I had a couple – thankfully only a couple – who thought I should tell them what to do in every corner of their lives. Like the girl who spent an hour with me – wouldn’t recognize the reading was over – goes home and calls me to see if she should get her hair cut?????????????????? Brought me right down. Those were the times when I said no – I can’t advise you on that. I couldn’t add you have got to be kidding – but I felt like it.

Reading clients for me was a wonderful period in my life. I worked with detectives to find people and I even would hear something on the news and know the answer and call the tip line – feeling like an idiot by the way. I helped with a missing child case in Florida and a detective called me back on this about a month later. I had given them a name of a person assisting the mother in the missing child case. They wanted more information …………..

I miss the people I met while reading. I read a bit in PEI but nothing like in Detroit. Here I just haven’t had time. I would want to have a separate place from my home to read now. I have DH who needs his privacy and there just really isn’t anywhere I could read here. Someday I may find an inexpensive place to read – and then who knows – my guides will be happy!




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