Come on Tomato Basil and Zucchini – I’m Ready!

I am SO excited. To give you some background on another of my obsessions, I took a Master Gardening class through my cooperative extension in Macomb, MI back in 1997. I became a Michigan State Cooperative Extension MASTER GARDENER!!!!!!!!

At the time we were living in St. Clair Shores, MI and I had a huge double lot with the house on the right and the garage on the left. The yard was filled with trees, including one spectacular crab apple tree. BTW the man who owned the house for 34 years before us had planted those trees. He did in the 80s and we bought the home from his widow. It wasn’t the first time this happened, but I started seeing him around the house. Usually walking outside the second floor. Now there wasn’t anything to walk on up there ………….. so one day I was telling my mom this and my son said he’d seen him too. So I asked him what the man was wearing – and oh yeah he had on the same outfit in both our visions. My mother made screwy hand motions at her head ……………….

Anyway back to my yard on Jefferson St. It had a fenced off area that contained a 16′ x 32′ above ground pool. We loved that pool and used it for 5 years before the liner gave out. At that point I didn’t have $800 to replace it – I was sending our son to music camp and that seemed much more important. I figured we’d get around to the liner eventually. Then I took the class!

I decided to trash the pool and my lovely pool man came and took it out of the yard for FREE. He knocked it down and left me with a bunch of sand in the fenced off part. I had already had DH till up a 8′ by 25′ veggie garden just off the gorgeous back porch and we had cedar flower beds wrapped around that porch. So I had a brilliant idea – put a huge flower garden in the fenced in area – and I did.

I had antique roses, Japanese maple, daffodils, tulips, clematis, ornamental grasses, a potato growing bin, a huge composting bin, pretty purple coneflowers, lungwort – an almond tree and every possible perennial I could find. I grew annual cut flowers in half of the veggie garden and I had a shade garden between the two apple trees at the back. It was luscious.

Then we moved. I have often asked myself why – except that DH didn’t think the house was big enough (he didn’t have a separate music room, poor thing) and he was retiring and wanted to move to the country (god the country is BORING).

We moved to PEI, as you know, and I tried to garden there. The ground hadn’t ever been worked or at least not recently. Right before we left we started a veggie garden right behind the house. One day I went out on the deck above the garden and looked down and there is this striped snake in my garden.  Okay I am petrified of snakes in any form. I hate them. So there was no way I’m ever going out there again. Ever.

We moved here to Maine and didn’t look at the map of the property very well before we bought it. I had told the realtor/crook that I needed room for gardening. He had us sign a piece of paper stating that Realty of Maine wasn’t responsible for the boundaries of the property. So we close and move in. The next day the neighbor to the side and behind us came over to tell us our swing was in her yard. Seems the back yard, except for about 4′ and the garage/driveway portion belongs to that house. We have about 3′ behind the house that’s ours.  I was devastated. I had been so wrapped up in getting rid of the PEI property – which only took 4 years to sell – that I didn’t pay attention. I mistakenly trusted the realtor – who by the way – tried to sell us his manufactured home for $15K more than the one we bought. Sigh.

So I haven’t gardened for a while. I put some perennials out in the front under some really ugly bushes. (Taking those out this year). And that has been it —————— life is about to change! These are on their way –

vegtrugI ordered two of them from Gardeners Supply Company in Vermont. I was going to get one large one but they were on backorder until May 9 and I didn’t want to wait. I also went last week and got the soil for both VegTrugs. I ordered seeds and plants. The seeds are on their way and the plants will ship on the 13th. I am ready —————– I ordered the usual range of vegetables. I don’t grow broccoli because I’ve never had much luck with it. I do tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and herbs. I also ordered raspberries (won’t be in the VegTrug) and grape vines ————- the Universe is smiling today.

These fellas will fit perfectly on my driveway/patio. They will have full sun there and I cannot wait to complain about having too many zucchini or lemon cucumber. I cannot wait!


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Luckily I don’t have to dig – just shovel soil into the VegTrugs and voila! And eat fresh tomatoes – which here in Maine are hard to come by!


  2. I’m exhausted just from thinking about gardening. Have fun and enjoy them.


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