Ajapa Japa

I have meditated for years. When I started back in the 90s I would try to “force” myself to concentrate. Naturally this produced very few results. I actually ended up more hyper rather than less. I secretly felt a failure – that there was something wrong with me that I wasn’t getting enlightened ASAP.

Since then I have meditated or sat with no music, no distraction – just concentrating on my breath in and out. This does produce a lovely state of inner calm and quiet mind. I still looked for more direction.

In 2009, while browsing on Banyan Botanicals website, I found Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati and his guided meditations. I started with Meditation and Yoga Nidra and later added Illuminating Your Heart’s Desire. In Meditation and Yoga Nidra Dr. Saraswati takes you through a short meditation period. There is no music, no sound other than his wonderful voice. When that is finished you move on to Yoga Nidra using a Sankalpa before and after the practice. Your Sankalpa is a resolve you make and can be anything you desire. In Illuminating Your Heart’s Desire, Dr. Saraswati takes you through a meditation to determine your Sankalpa and explains why this is so important. We have too many choices – too many desires – we get scattered and need to focus.

Yesterday I was blessed with two more Dr. Saraswati guided meditations. So far I have used the Ajapa Japa. I cannot tell you the absolute out-of-body experience or complete state of relaxation and awareness this meditation brings. It too has no music. It has only Dr. Saraswati guiding you through the process of learning to control your breath and to incorporate a mantra into your psyche while doing so.

This experience is one of complete joy. Centering, expanding, enlightening, blessed mindfulness, beauty are all found in this meditation. I highly recommend this. You can find his meditations either at Big Shakti, Banyan Botanicals and I think Amazon has them too. This is definitely a lifestyle lift ———- no pun intended.

I also downloaded The Chakras guided meditation but have not listened to it yet. I know I will not be disappointed ……. he is truly a gift. Enjoy.



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