Sorry – Skipped Mars Day


Mars , the ruling planet of Tuesdays, holds a special place in my life. It sits right on my ascendant in the Chitra nakshatra. Next to Saturn and right over the top of Neptune – but Neptune is a western astrology planet. It’s still there, but …………

Mars is the commander-in-chief of the grahas – the militant. Mars governs the Pitta dosha and the bone marrow and muscle tissue. Also the chest and the color bright red. And Mars rules variegated clothing ……the southern direction and overheating diseases.Naturally Mars rules the element Fire and thorny tress and bushes …….. you see where I’m going here. Mars is Mars, but Mars is not always a nice planet. Not always, no.

Light on Life by Robert Svoboda and Hart de Fouw is an excellent resource if you are interested in jyotish.  There Mars is listed as a natural malefic graha along with Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Of course I have Mars conjunct Saturn both conjunct my ascendant. It’s a wonder I’m still alive ………… these grahas are GOOD excuses – but I try not to live with excuses ………

So Mars rules Tuesday – so I wear red on Tuesdays. If I ever get the chance I will get a nice big carnelian or bloodstone coral to stave off the effects of Mars. Cool him down a bit.

It’s not a good idea to schedule meetings with contentious people on Tuesdays. The meeting will be tense and angry. It’s also not a good idea to have surgery on a Tuesday, blood being red and Mars ruling red.  And never surgery during a full Moon ……. the Moon ruling blood.

What benefits does Mars bring? Well, from personal experience, Mars makes you persistent. As Hell. Really determined. Controlling, which isn’t always bad and bull-headed. Mars gives you the energy to deal with life’s monumental challenges and keep going. It also makes you a damn good general ………….. just ask DH.

Honoring Mars – keeping the anger at bay —— Tuesdays are good for this.


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