Today is Moonday

No I didn’t make a typo! It is Moon Day – known to us as Monday. Mondays are ruled by – TADA – the moon. The moon determines the tidal pull of the oceans and the light in nighttime. Moon is ruled by Cancer, the traditional sign of empathy, compassion and desire.

As an astrologer I do the weirdest things. I wear colors based on which planet or moon is ruling the day. Today being Monday I am wear pale blue and gray ………. silver and white would also do. I’m in harmony with the Moon and my psyche.

And the numbers for today – it is the universal day of 39/3. Communication, universal love, women, empirical knowledge are all a part of that number. I am in an 11 cycle (a power cycle with the double-digit so I don’t reduce that down to a 2) and so with adding in just the day and the month, for me this day is a 44 day. Foundations, building, home, father and substance are ruling my day. Starting something new, honoring the earth, growing and planning are all projects favored for me today.

The moon teaches us to give of ourselves on her day ——– without any concern at all for remuneration. Just giving. Even if all you have to give at the moment are wishes for joy, luck and goodwill. Since I can’t see you all – I do wish you joy, luck and goodwill for your Moonday.moon


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  1. Eric Alagan says:

    I like that “Moonday” – and no, I didn’t think it was a typo 🙂


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