Spring? Is Spring Really Here? In Maine? Will It Snow Again?

We have had a week of great weather (weathah) here in Maine. The sun has been shining – which is a feat in itself here – and the temps have been so warm I could open the windows – for a little while anyway. And dear God I could shut off the furnace! That puppy eats so much heating oil that I’m planning on moving it to one of those big oil storage tanks. I could move that furnace with a sledge hammer ………… right outa my life ……….

We finally have access to natural gas, but I’ve heard the price has quadrupled in the last year. Cool. Finally get natural gas at the street and the price shoots up. The utilities are getting the better of me.

I don’t recall humongous utility bills in Michigan. We had natural gas so our highest monthly bill was $225. My electric bill was around $50 and our water bill came every quarter and it was high – around $150 – we had a pool and in the summer it would shoot up something awful if we needed to drain and fill. My cable bill was $50 and my internet $39 – we had a cable modem. The phone I can’t even remember.

Then we move to PEI and all hell breaks loose with the oil prices. Cool. We heated with propane – even higher than oil. Then we move to Maine. Not bright. Same problem with heating costs here. Eeee gads the cost.

And then I got a cell phone for everybody. We’d had one in Canada for our DS. But here – we got an iPhone for me and DS and a flip phone for DH which was glued permanently to his clothing. He would go outside and putz around and not be inside to answer the phone. Checking that he was ok became a struggle. Then he would leave the cell phone inside …….. whimper.

The cell phone bill was manageable when I worked for the cell phone company and got a discount. Without the discount – yetch. It is expensive so I dumped them. I don’t talk on the phone a lot – I used the iPhone to go on the internet on my breaks and would text DS at lunchtime. Kind of silly to pay $200 a month for that!

So …… the furnace is off, the sun is shining and I’m loving this spring weather. I tend to get buzzed when the seasons change. And I am buzzed now for sure.

I’m working on a million (exaggeration) different projects. I need to work on my purple shirt so I can start another clothing piece. And I’m back to finishing the Boxy by Joji which is super super cute – and I need to take pictures. I put the test knit on hold until I finish the Boxy because I want to wear Boxy sooooooon.

I’m back selling on an auction site to bring in some cash before I get back to work. Lord I need to pay some bills. So that takes time too.

I need to do some spring cleaning – you would not believe how much I hate to clean. I recently got a new vacuum cleaner so that’s good. My old one was making this strange noise really loud and not sucking up anything! Now if the little dude would work on its own. Unfortunately the Roomba I got several years ago was a bust. It ran around in circles and got some dirt up but it has a small dirt cup and it would fill up quickly. Plus you had to put up little warning robots to keep it in the room. Now the battery is dead. I’m going to get another one so I can use Roomba downstairs and keep a minor layer of dirt off the floor.

And mopping …………. much mopping to do. All my floors are hardwood. They are older so I don’t think they are sealed. If they were I would get one of those steam mops and get the damn floors clean once and for all. I don’t know how to check to see if the floors are sealed. My hardwood floors in Canada were shiny – and sealed. These? Not sure.

And my windows. Whimper. I have 27 new windows that tilt in to clean. Easy to say – hard to do. I have shutters on a lot of them. I have to take the shutters off in order to tilt in the windows. Whoever thought of this? And the windows are heavy. The top window is hard to hold while you’re cleaning it inside and out. Job from hell.

And I have the kitchen to finish. I set up a painting table in the back porch to finish the cabinet doors. I need to put venetian plaster on the walls, and a lustrestone finish on the countertops. It will look great – just need to DO IT.

On another note – yesterday I had a view from Latvia on my blog! Can you stand it? DH is Latvian. He was so pleased ………. wonder if it’s a relative ———



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  1. Jennifer says:

    Me too! I think we’re done with snow here in Maine. The weather is getting warmer every day – I think we’re up to 68 this week …..


  2. salpal1 says:

    I vote for no more snow. We too have shut down the furnace (except on a few really cold nights) and opened windows. LOVE the fresh air!


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