Awesomeness Multiplied

Back to Work!
Back to Work!

Yesterday was a red-letter day here at the Urban Zoo! I got called back to work – Woohoo! I don’t start back until July 1st but hey that gives me some more time to putz around in the sewing room.

And Michelle won Project Runway!!!!!!!!! I was getting a little nervous when they knocked Stanley out. He was her best competition and I was afraid they were going to give the win to Patricia. I am as opinionated about fashion design as I am about politics and lordy I didn’t get her concepts at all.

Some facts on which I base my opinion about Patricia’s work.

It is lovely to dye and paint your own fabric. I have done this since I started making quilts back in 1987. I used ProChem dyes and had quite a lovely time doing this. I’ve continued with this – you can see an example of my dyed/painted/manipulated cloth in my banner and on other posts on this site.

Being able to dye and/or paint fabrics does not mean that you can design fashion. I would love to be a fashion designer and it has been a goal of mine since my teens. In order to design clothing, there must be a starting point. The design has to flatter the body, whether you are rail thin or not. In most, if not all, of Patricia’s designs – nobody “got” what she was going for – her designs could not be understood. They did not flatter the forms of her models even though they are what I would call clothes horses. You could put almost anything on them and they would look beautiful. Except for a bambam headpiece made out of plastic broom pieces.

Back to Michelle. The concept of the Lone She Wolf looking for her next kill really inspired that girl. The looks were fresh and young. They were also classic. Heidi didn’t think some of them were hip-friendly. Ah and from a woman with no hips! Although I couldn’t wear all of Michelle’s designs – I could wear most of them and that for me is a designer.

Stanley has classic designs but is, as the judges stated, out-dated. His looks were good if only he’d used more color and less monochrome. The last evening look was beautiful. I didn’t think it looked like a dress out of a catalog at all. Stanley will be heard from in the years to come – he knows what he’s doing.

So three wonderful things happened yesterday. George W. Bush’s library was dedicated, I got called back to work and Michelle won! An embarrassment of riches ………..


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  1. TamrahJo says:

    Congrats on the return to work call!


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