Enough Time



We all have enough time. Let me explain.

Being in the moment, living with awareness, being mindful and PEACEful isn’t possible when you feel rushed. If you are hurrying to finish something, you are not in the moment. You are thinking ahead to where you need to be and what else you need to do.

Unless there is a health or other emergency in your immediate vicinity, you have plenty of time. Einstein once said “Time is relative” and I sure wish I could understand what he meant. I do know time is sufficient.

When I brush my teeth – not my favorite task – or blow my hair dry – it’s long now and takes FOREVER – or mop the floor or start the laundry – I am whizzing through these tasks in order to get to the time I enjoy. And I feel the little spring in my center winding up – rush, rush, rush.

When I lived on Prince Edward Island I was struck by the pace of life there. I never quite got used to it. We Americans are all about getting things done, not wasting time, getting on with the tasks ahead. But life on PEI was laid back, slow, there was no reason to rush.

If you are brushing your teeth and you say to yourself – in your constant brain chatter – I can do this for as long as I need or want – you get back to mindfulness. This is where you belong. The sense of calm that comes over you when you quit trying to speed up your life is amazing! The little spring starts to unwind and you can smile. Because you are. Because you are right now. Because you don’t need to worry about getting something done so you can do something else. Because you can recognize that you have enough.

Time isn’t the only thing that is plentiful. Peace is plentiful. Happiness is plentiful. Your soul is plentiful. Abundance is all around us every day. Could you imagine counting the blades of grass in your yard? How about the leaves on the trees or the buds on flowers. Or the molecules of oxygen in the sky. Or the grains of sand on a beach. Or the dust bunnies under your bed ……… you get my meaning …………….

Enough is enough. When I feel lack of is the most prevalent thought in my mind I stop. I practice meditation to stop thought. I am content when I do not need to think, plan or ruminate over anything. When I can shut my mind the hell up. I love it when mind shuts off and quits talking to me. That’s when I touch the face of God. And that, my friends, is enough.

Thich Nhat Hanh
Thich Nhat Hanh

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