Anne Zouroudi’s Hermes Diaktoros Novels

Just a short post here about some books that are enjoyable and interesting. Anne Zouroudi writes a ripping good novel series about Hermes Diaktoros, a detective of sorts with unspecified powers and insight. Some of the people with whom he interacts at first think he is a policeman or private detective. He always lets them know he is from a higher authority.

The plots are intricate and interesting. There is always a moral to these stories and at the end of the book – you feel satisfied that justice has been done – even if courtroom justice has no part in the drama.

I highly recommend these – the atmosphere of Greece is spellbinding. I swear you can feel the heat and smell the ocean. The thorns on the sides of hills prick your feet too – you can see the deep blue of the waters as Hermes scuba-dives. The narrative is real and hooks you from the very start.

I almost want to wear white tennis shoes ……………..



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