Mother’s Day

I always get close to Mother’s Day and I get sad. My mother died in 1996 at the age of 66. It’s hard to think it’s been that long. We had a contentious relationship at times especially as I entered my teens and beyond.

I remember my Grandma Nanny saying she would rather have Lucy slap her in the face than yack at her. I laughed. This was SO TRUE. Once Mom got on her high-horse, or what she called a high-horse if it wasn’t her doing it, she was annoying! She had a tongue like the front edge of a really sharp saw and she could cut you to ribbons without even taking a breath!

When I was little, I didn’t want to go to school because Mom would go to work after I got back. I spent the evenings with my Dad and sister. I missed my mother and would cry at night. I cried so much at kindergarten they would go get my sister out of 6th grade and make her take me home. ๐Ÿ™‚

Finally I quit crying (Mom quit working) and life got back to normal. Over the years from 5 to 15 Mom and I were best friends. I went shopping with her, we bought fabric, groceries, plants for the garden and clothes. We spent time with her teaching me to sew. She took me to the library every Saturday. I have always read six or seven books a week. Mom liked that I read, but would get annoyed if she was speaking to me and I didn’t look up from my book. So funny now. I’m surprised I had the nerve.

One of my favorite hobbies now is knitting. Mom first taught me how to knit when I was around 11. She was right-handed and I am left-handed. She couldn’t teach me how to do things left-handed so now I hand sew right-handed and I knit right-handed. I remember watching Mom crochet all the time – she taught me that too. I like crochet but I like knitting better. I don’t remember Mom making anything knitted except a scarf. She would be surprised that I am now making sweaters!

We did bond with the sewing, the knitting and the crochet. I wish we could have skipped those years after I reached 15 when we were always arguing. When my parents left me at college, Dad told me Mom went into my room at home, sat down and cried. I thought he was joking. He was always joking. But no, Mom actually missed me. How can you miss someone you get angry with all day long? I’m not sure ………… she didn’t teach me that. But she taught me how to live, how to be happy and how to love. And I miss her ………………..


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