Earth Day


It’s Earth Day – which you know unless you are living in a cloud above Earth somewhere ………… but what does Earth Day mean? That’s a little harder to explain – there are so many meanings.

Earth Day can mean that you want our government and others to be more concerned about global warming. I think this would be a good idea because even though we may not all agree that it is warming – we sure need to stop drastic changes in our climate if we can.

We need to stop pollution. Like the BP spills of three years ago – like the petrochemical plants dumping garbage into the lagoon in Venice and other places and nuclear waste dumped in our oceans and on our land. We need to stop doing these things.

I think we need to take care of our own personal ecology too. Grow something this year. Grow a vegetable, an herb, a flower. See how connected we are with the Earth. Honor her with letting her do what she does best – grows for us.

I think we also need to watch what we consume. Consume less of everything so we don’t waste things. We don’t need to own every item advertised by Madison Avenue. We can get by with what we have and if we need something, why not buy recycled? Thrift shops abound and the hunt for things at Goodwill or the Salvation Army stores is fun! Do you really need a $400 pair of shoes? Can you wear shoes that do not kill an animal?

I’m pretty careful about what we eat too. My guys like meat – I do not. I can’t choke down a hamburger anymore. I let them do what they think they need for food – it is okay. I choose not to eat animals – I will eat fish though. Especially salmon and tuna (in cans) and scallops and shrimp. I may get past this urge for fish soon too – who knows? But I know not sitting down to a big plate of poor cow now you’re dead is better for me. I feel sorry for the way they are killed. I don’t want them to be killed for my purse or my shoes or my stomach.

We can live happy balanced lives without meat. We can eat beans, tofu, soy products, falafel, tempeh, fresh vegetables and fruit and whole grains. I am content with this.

I think we need to honor this planet for the life she gives us. For the days of blue skies and sun and for the days cloudy with snow. I think we should be grateful whenever it rains and every day look outside our windows or take a walk and honor the Earth. Because it was created for us ……………


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