A Quiet Morning …………..

Sunrise in Acadia National Park
Sunrise in Acadia National Park

It’s nice and peaceful this morning. The sun is shining again – we’ve had a few days of sunshine. Maybe we’ll see the backside of winter – I sure hope so. I’ll be paying for it on into summer. Good old heating oil.

The park looks very nice now that the mud and snow are gone. I don’t see any buds on trees though – just a few on my white lilac bush outside my kitchen windows. I keep trying to prune a branch but I am too short. I’m going to have to get out the ladder. I have wonderful work to do in the yard/gardens. I can’t wait until it’s warm enough. I want to take off my coat and get some sun.

I can’t decide what to plant this year. I have a goal of getting a VegTrug from Gardeners Supply Co. in Vermont. I would need that and 380 quarts of soil (!). It would be nice to have the distraction of gardening and to be able to go outside and get away from things. Of course I will be working again soon. They said late spring for a callback when I left in February. I’m ready – bring on the customers!

I know I want to plant vegetables in the VegTrug. Those I’m okay with. I have these ugly bushes in front of the house that have red twigs, thorns and get green in the summer and red leaves in the fall. They also have berries – the poison looking ones you couldn’t eat when you were a kid. These bushes are UGLY and must go. I’m going to prune them down to nothing and the dig them up – along with the infamous hostas I can’t stand!

I was thinking I would use this next to the front porch – kind of draping over it ……….

Evening Light - Climbing Rose
Evening Light – Climbing Rose

dream-come-true new_dawn park_wilhelmshohe_bush

These are some of my choices. The first one is winning on the climbing rose list. The one on the bottom is out of stock! I love it and am going to keep looking for it. The yellow/pink ones are really perfect and they would work very well.

I do need to tend to the beds before I plant roses. I need to get some soil enhancements and mulch. Good mulch for roses which I need to look up – not everything is suited for roses. Plus I will check up on black spot and other ills of roses to make sure I’m cultivating these correctly.

In a previous post I let you know I don’t have much of a yard. In the back of the house by the little porch and steps I do have some perennials growing. Also I have crocus, iris, Rudbeckia,

English: Rudbeckia sp. Deutsch: Rudbeckia sp.
English: Rudbeckia sp. Deutsch: Rudbeckia sp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

peony and other perennials coming back right behind the house. I need to clean those beds off. Hubbie hasn’t been able to work in the yard for three years or so so I have some work to do. I like it – gets me out of the house.

I’m going to grow tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, basil, thyme, radish, rosemary, parsley and other herbs in the VegTrug. I want several varieties of tomatoes and I may grow some in containers because the VegTrug won’t hold everything. I may do cukes but they take up a lot of room. …………… hmm. I love having my own vegetable garden. I might do spinach and lettuce too – no broccoli as that is a toughy but I can do kale! I love kale soup and kale calzones and kale anything!

I’m also going to get this for Mother’s Day

Lemon Tree Spring Hill Nursery
Lemon Tree Spring Hill Nursery

I can always bring this indoors in the winter! I can’t wait. I have to find out how to take care of it. I love it.

Tata – happy doing whatever you’re doing today!


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