On Being Rude

Rude is bad. Rude is mouthing off to people you don’t even know – now even easier on the Internet.

I really get cheesed off when people are rude, usually with no reason. I work as a customer service representative at a call center for part of the year. I have worked in three call centers. Some customers are ruder than others. I know rude. I am required by the company for which I work to NOT BE RUDE back. I must keep my cool at all times. I have to be polite, pleasant and unruffled. I cannot tell you how hard this can be. There are days when I want to tell the customer they are full of whatever. It is a hard job.

There are certain geographical areas in this country that are ruder than others. I am from the Midwest. Generally we are not rude people. Then let’s take the East Coast – well you can’t say that generally people there are not rude. Try walking down Broadway in NYC during the holidays.

I found rudeness in Paris too. Parisians who yelled at us to get out of their way. In French so who cares? Tourists on the subway pushing us out of seats so they could all sit together.

Once I took my son to a movie for Older Home Schoolers Group – no one else from the group showed up which was also rude. We got there 45 minutes early and got our seats where we wanted. Two woman a man and a child came in late and came over to where we were sitting. One woman asked us to move so they could sit together. I said no. That might have been rude but we had been there early. I didn’t tell them to come late.

There were seats for them together elsewhere. They wanted my seat. Pissed me off no end. During the movie the younger women totally spoiled the experience. The movie wasn’t good either. When we got up to leave she wouldn’t move so I could get to the aisle. When my son went to the bathroom she tried to trip him. I want to tell you I almost came to blows with that woman. She moved. The whole problem was that her ex-boyfriend or ex-husband was with them. She told me I was ruining her daughter’s life because they couldn’t sit together. No. She wanted to sit with the ex. At all costs. Pathetic.

Being rude is pathetic. It leads to all sorts of aggravation. Unnecessary aggravation. I can understand rudeness from customer service reps because I’ve been there. I also know that if I am rude the rep has no reason to be polite to me or to help me. I am asking for help from them when I call. I have a set of actions I need them to take. I don’t think pissing them off is the way to go about this. I have been there. I always do what they ask, but there are times I would love to ignore the customer, get off the phone and let them call someone else.

I recently went back on an auction website I’ve been off for years. I now remember why I got off. I get questions from buyers that are downright rude. I have had buyers offer me less than a third of what I’m asking and honestly my items are reasonably priced. I have asked for feedback which one buyer will not leave although the item was in better than awesome condition and he got it for a steal. I am so underwhelmed with this site I will list nothing else.

In my ever constant search for money I have spent this month applying for jobs I don’t want, selling things I’d rather not and squeezing my few pennies until they scream. Oh God I am sick of money.

I try to not focus on the lack. I try to count my blessings. I try to meditate upon what I need. I have responsibilities for my husband, my son and our home. I have home repairs I can’t do. I have bills I can’t pay. I go from day to day trying to find which as***le to sh*t the next bill payment out of so I can go on to the next.

Anybody out there knows a way to get into the middle class this government is supposedly so concerned about, let me know. I don’t seem to see any concern, any decent jobs, any future. I get really really disgusted when I hear how much our government pays for silly things. I am tired of striving to survive. I’m gonna stop the mad dash for cash now. Today. No more. Let them eat cake.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Wonderful post!


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