decisions decisions decisions

Choice is free will. It is the choice between being unhappy or happy. Being nice or nasty. Treading through duality in a dual world. We also have the choice to not choose! Which is the BEST choice.

If we spend our time in the now and not in the past or future we don’t see choices. We just see now. If you see a hungry man, feed him. Whatever is in front of you, just do it. Wash the dishes you see with joy. Pick up after everyone else with joy. Wipe off the counter with joy. Hmm. Everything with joy.

I need to be where I am. For instance, right now I need to plan supper. Hmm. That’s fun – I want to use broccoli, Asiago and phyllo dough and something else – eggs? Potatoes. Hmm. I have to search for a recipe.

I’ve also decided to go back to my pink sweater for now. The test knit is pretty but I want to finish what I started since there are already other examples up. I’m going back to the pink alpaca Boxy. That’s here right now. Good mood ends abruptly.

So I’m typing this and I’m getting recommended tags? One of them is abortion and one is pro-choice? What the hell does this post have to do with abortion? And no, I am no pro-choice. I am pro-life. I am pro not being an idiot and getting pregnant in the first place. Jeeeezus. Now see those tags pissed me off – doesn’t take much these days. But do not TAG my post abortion when it’s about free will for Gawd’s sake. Really. Popped up National Health Service too. Wait for it, I live in America. We don’t have National Health YET thank God because I had it in Canada and it SUCKED. If my sick husband was in Canada now he would have never seen a neurologist and he wouldn’t have medication but if by some chance he did get prescribed some it would cost half our monthly pay to buy it. National Health in Canada does not pay for prescriptions!

Oh rant rant rant ———- why can’t those TAGS leave me alone????????????????? ARGGGGGGGGGGGG.




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