Test Knit Update – Suit by Lori Versaci and Thoughts on Terrorism

SUIT by Lori Versaci versaciknits.com
SUIT by Lori Versaci

Well I’m not sure if I am testing the sweater or if the sweater is testing me! I am a new knitter. I learned to knit basic stitches in my teens but I had never made anything with a shape to it until this past year. I’ve done a vest that was too short – and am almost done with a gorgeous pullover and now I’m doing this. I am test knitting this for the designer.

But we have a problem. The sweater is knit bottom up. That means the first 3″ is a rib knit. Purl two knit two ad infinitum. I hate rib stitches. I can’t keep them straight – which is a problem I had on the vest too. So I have ripped and ripped and started over all the while the other test knitter finished this in about a week ……………… ARGH.

I feel like Charlie Brown kicking the football. I’m missing it. I am going to persist because I love making myself frustrated. I will not be conquered by a mere sweater.

The experience is a bit like persisting in meditation. At first I was totally frustrated. I didn’t see any light or any big aura, etc. All I felt was a concentrated brain effort to get beyond and I was just missing something. With practice practice practice I got to the place I wanted to be. I got to such a deep state of being that I was no longer here. Ahhhh that is the best. I now achieve that state always and am now intending to dive even deeper into a state of at one ment.

The horrible news about the terrorist attack in Boston and the subsequent mailing of ricin to a senator has brought back the memories of 9/11 and made concentrating on anything else difficult. Ā I was living in Canada at the time. I went to the post office to mail some checks and when I came back I saw the news on the internet. I turned on TV. And I started crying – I cried for over a month. I couldn’t stop. I felt that my home had been wounded. I knew then that I couldn’t stay in Canada but had to go home. Seven years later we did.

The fear that we all have now is a displaced fear. I am in a small city in Maine so I think the chance of an attack here is pretty slim. Although they do divert overseas flights here if they have suspected persons on board or if the flyers are weird. We are the first airport on the coast with a long enough runway for big jets.

Boston is our major city. It is where we go to fly out if we want to save money. It is the place we go to if we want a big city experience. It is the cradle of our country. We began there.

To hear and see the awful injuries caused by a wanton idiot for no justifiable reason at all is heart breaking. Those injured did nothing to deserve this – we Americans do nothing to deserve this – no matter how many weird left wing people will say we do by “interfering” in the world. We don’t. No country does. Not Israel. Not Britain. Not Iraq or Afghanistan. Not South Korea. Not anywhere.

We have to find how to combat this terrorism and stop it. Maybe we can’t stop all attacks. We have stopped a lot. But here we are again. The World Trade Center has just collapsed all over again.

September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City: V...
September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City: View of the World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty. (Image: US National Park Service ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I would not like Singapore. Deeoak Chopra has written somewhere – can’t remember where or which book – that what we see in the world is what we have in ourselves – not karma as payback but as the consequence of the collective conscious. Which is the best reason I know for not watching the news.


  2. I have a cousin-in-law who lives in Singapore. There is no crime there. He said his daughter can go our day or night alone and no one will hurt her. There is no litter, no theft. The reason: You are watched. The people in the street are watching you and there is no room for error. You don’t know which people are government and which people are merely normal people. If you steal a car, your life is over. You cannot get a job for the rest of your life. The punishment for dastardly deeds is so swift, harsh and all encompassing, that no one steps out of line. You can’t even chew gum. My cousin-in-law said that I would hate it there. The people in Singapore have given up their freedom for safety and a structured society. We are losing more and more of our freedom everyday while at the same time violence escalates.


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