An Awful Day Full of Hate

Yesterday was an awful day. Once again mass murder and hysteria in America. I’m so sick of living in a violent world where human life is valued at nothing.

Violence has been increasing here and there is a reason for this. Our economy is so devastated right now that many people – millions – cannot find enough work. And the work you can find does not provide a living wage. This lack of work primarily affects the poor. The crime rate rises along with the rapid decline in the economy. And we’ve had this bad economy for a long time now. Over 5 years ………

The bombings yesterday may be the work of terrorists. We don’t know yet. This is also going to keep the economy down. Who will travel or shop or go to public places? I won’t. I have enough trouble right here inside my home. I am the only viable being here and if I get hurt there’s no one to take care of anyone else. I hate crowds anyway. Even here in Bangor I won’t go to the fireworks on the 4th of July – too much traffic.

Here in Maine – who will come on vacation? If everyone is scared they will stay home. A terrorist attack in Maine sounds bizarre but until yesterday so did one in Boston. What is wrong with this world?

An answer from my center – what is wrong with this world is that no one lives with peace. Not internal peace. In order to create a peaceful existence you first need peace in your soul. Until you can forget the posturing, the desires that rack your mind, the anger at life when things are going horrible – there is no peace. Peace can happen only in the present moment. And in America we don’t live there. We live in the future – we worry – we are people who strive to get ahead – to be richer – to have more – to beat our chests with pride.

Recently I’ve been re-reading Donna Leon‘s Brunetti series set in Venice. When American tourists are mentioned in her books (and she’s American) it is with scorn for our confidence, our size, our healthy and smiling attitudes – she writes us as smug. When I lived in Canada Americans were viewed with distaste. I was subjected to lectures from grocery store cashiers, not to mention my neighbors, about how abhorrent they found Americans – and they would always add a caveat “Of course I’m not talking about you.” Right.

There’s hate in Canada, in the US – all over the world. We are hated more than other nationalities except maybe for Germans who will maybe never live down the Holocaust. Israelis are hated too. Jews everywhere are still hated. Hate Hate Hate.

Hate eats at your heart. It makes it impossible to be compassionate. If you are not compassionate you are not living in the present. Hate is not in the present. Hate is a reflection of the past onto the future. Hate is stupid.

If they find that terrorists – North Korea, Iran, that other group that hit us on 9/11 – I will not be surprised. I will also not be surprised if the guilty parties are Americans who want to be famous for something. Even maiming and killing – anything to be famous.

And don’t blame this on the mentally ill this time …………… I’ve heard that enough. This gives all mentally ill people a bad feeling. Like you’re going to hunt them down and incarcerate them because of three or four murderers who are mentally ill. There is a huge population of mentally ill people. They do not harm others. They are just trying to survive with a horrible illness and we owe them dignity, not blame for all the ills of our society.

Step back a bit – see if your soul is full of hate. See if you can find compassion for all of your fellow men. Everyone everywhere. Don’t limit your compassion to only people like you – spread it out. Cover the earth with it. Send love and light and caring to every dark corner of our world. Keep doing this – it is essential.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Doing bettet – i hope to keep blog positive – not frigging negative! Life is really strange – we have horrible traffic here – nothing like Chicao though. I couldn’t take it! Here all the directions get their own light si if the light is redyou have about five minutes until you can go. And there are 31k people here! Can you imagine?

    I spent some time walking today and that really helps. Onward and upward!


  2. I’m so sorry that another thing in you life is making you upset. Especially being a sensitive and all. You seem to be a sweet person and I wish things were better for you. I went to the Botanic Gardens today. Unfortunately, street crews are out and have already started digging up the streets EVERYWHERE. Drivers were enraged, as we waited 20 minutes to move 2 blocks. Honking, cutting people off. I could feel myself getting angry and defensive and all my buttons were being pushed. Road rage is real and when you live where there is a LOT of traffic, having the roads narrowed down to one lane is dangerous where they merge. No one wants to let anyone in and people are pissed off. Sigh. There is something really wrong with all of us. Hate seems to be the major emotion floating around and it is being fueled by the media, in all of its forms. I do so wish you some personal peace and joy, however, and it is my hope that you can hold on to your optimistic outlook and continue to send love and light out into the universe.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Seriously I don’t get the urge to injure anybody anytime. I don’t understand this – but Jesus I am sick of being a part of a targeted group just because I’m an American. We ain’t all that bad – not all that good – but really this stuff is just the bowels of Hell opening up here on Earth…….


  4. Jennifer says:

    So true so true so true


  5. One more thing. Don’t all the other people in all of the countries who hate us realize that the only true Americans are Native Americans? The rest of us are made up from all of THEM. Every city has a Chinatown, a Little Italy, Korea town, a place where Polish people gather. In fact Chicago has more polish people than the capital of Poland. AMERICANS ARE EVERYONE!!!!!! And if the haters were born here they would be one of US as well. It’s so incredibly amazing that people do this to each other. Kill an 8 year old? I will never understand that kind of violent hatred…fanatical hatred. Never.


  6. I agree and I also think that it is essential that people do not expect others to believe the same thing they do. Religion and dogma, institutions, governments drive wedges between people. My god is the only one and my country hates your country because it’s NOT my country. Never ending hatred because people will not leave anyone alone! We are ruled by force. We have to constantly defend ourselves against others. Now the insurance companies are the biggest bully’s on the block. Forced to not smoke, or drink or eat or do “dangerous” sports, outside of work. How much love and peace is that going to spread around? Comply or you lose your job..Where is freedom anymore? Money is being used to fight people who believe differently than the people WITH the money. Gloom and doom…I don’t listen to the news, I don’t read the papers…the companies are owned by people who put their own spin on everything. Propaganda…lies. There is no real reporting anymore. Everyone hates America/Americans but they don’t stop to think that the reason they hate us is because they were born wherever they were born and they were taught to think what they were taught to think and believe JUST LIKE WE WERE. Do those who hate us think that we have any more of a choice of how we are raised than that do? I don’t see a solution. I used to have hope. I gave that up.


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