Don’t Fight the World

English: Prince Edward Island Cavendish red cl...
English: Prince Edward Island Cavendish red cliffs 2009 Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know I’ve written about our life on Prince Edward Island and it sounded like it was all bad. It wasn’t. There were times when it was the best place to be. There was not much crime, usually domestic violence which is horrid – a murder or two in 8 years ………… if it wasn’t for the harassment from the kids at the dam on our property we may have been able to take living there. Except of course there was no work in my son’s field ……….. and I did not want to live in a country separate from him. When you have only 3 of you it makes no sense to live apart. I had done this with my family – left and moved to Iowa when DS was only 5 months old. It was hard on all of us. Mom and Dad in particular. If I could do it all over again I wouldn’t move so much ……………. I would still be at my little cottage house in St. Clair Shores with my fantastic huge flower and vegetable gardens and the apple trees and the dining room and the outside back porch ………..

Anyway. I did meet a kindred spirit on the Island. His name is David and I haven’t heard from him since we left. Which is understandable because he didn’t have a phone. He is one of those rare people who went  back to a self-sustaining lifestyle and stayed there.

I first met David when he came to my little bookshop in my home. He bought a leather bound book to take the leather and use it on a valuable text. He bound books and reclaimed leather for covers and the books were beautiful. He was fascinating.

David had many, if not all, of the spiritual beliefs I hold. David also sees aliens on earth and is adamant that they are with us. We spoke about this often and one time he said to me “I don’t believe I’m talking to you about this.” Usually he would keep his mouth shut – you can see why. Sort of like when I was doing readings – not a good idea to tell people you’re psychic. They think you are simply nuts. Funny aside – my parents thought I was touched with the psychic stuff – but after I started finding lost people and after visiting when I had to have the answering machine let my clients down easy as I was not available – both Mom and Dad started talking about how they think they were psychic too. They were but they had always been taught it was crazy.

So David and I formed a habit of talking whenever we met. He would come to the bookstore where I worked and I would go to his fantastic little farmhouse down a dirt road. David started coming to our house and my family loved him too.

David cut through bullshit with a sharp knife. He was relaxed, easy going, self-assured, confident. He lived from hand to mouth. He knew when he woke up whether or not there would be a valuable book laying out at a garage sale – and he would go get it.

One day we were sitting on his back porch and we were talking about what would happen if food became unavailable and if the world went into a dive. Which it did in 2008. He, knowing that I am a vegetarian, said he could see himself butchering one of the cows that lived in the pasture behind his house. Then he said “You know I think there’s only one cow and he’s agreed that we can eat him – he just keeps multiplying again.” And I said – “Just like there’s only one person!” He looked at me like I was nuts. Really – it was funny. One cow but not one person?

We had some fun times. When we were packing to leave – a concept that David did not want to happen – we had all this STUFF in the basement and attic that we couldn’t justify taking with us. We had gone to auctions, etc. and we had tools and wood and bits and bobs and a turkey roaster (for vegetarians because we all were then – couldn’t eat that nasty Canadian meat) and glasses and dishes and on and on and on. We gave it to him. He was thrilled.

He came with his car one time and then borrowed a pickup. He made 20 or more trips to his house where he stored everything in the barn. This would provide some bartering and some income for a while – he could sell stuff at the flea market on Sundays.

On one of his visits I mentioned how bad things were going. The buyers were stuck up snobs and our realtor had sold the house to them on his own. So he became THEIR realtor. They wanted to close the sale the end of September and I wanted to close the middle of September. Sigh. I was pissed. David looked at me and very quietly said “Don’t fight the World Jen.”

And there’s my mantra. Whenever I get snipped off at the way things are going I can hear his voice – Don’t Fight the World Jen

English: Prince Edward Island, farmland
The view outside our window on Prince Edward Island. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Jennifer says:

    And he’s a bibliophile like me – between us we had thousands of books! I used to sell used and rare books and he did the rebinding of many. Being Scot in ancestry, he used everything and did an awesome job. I love him dearly.


  2. Denise says:

    David sounds like a fascinating and special person.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Reblogged this on A Little Fluff and commented:

    Still valuable advice ………


  4. Jennifer says:

    Oh the knitting ……… the woman who was also doing the test FINISHED on 4/8 ……. she started on 3/29. She must either be superhuman or else she has a knitting machine. I’m still trugging along. I have 10 rows done. I had 12 but the rib pattern was messed up so I had to back it out and continue. Sewing – ah having fun there. I’ve started a new blog for the sewing/fashion/knitting thing – – I’m not sure why.


  5. Eventually I think the only place to buy anything will be on Amazon. Tell more stories about David…he sounds so nice and in touch with nature and the Universe in general. How’s the knitting coming along? The sewing? Looking forward to tomorrow’s post:) By the way, I know what you mean about someone trying to sell sale books for the regular price. LOL


  6. Jennifer says:

    Oh God I know – I am so happy I’ve found you. I love books. I sold my leftovers to a guy who had a store in Charlottetown for $200 because we needed the money before the move. We were as broke there as here. I wish I hadn’t done that – I could sell them now. I don’t think anyone could compete with Amazon. When I helped the guy from Toronto to start a bookstore on PEI – he worked for Penguin in Toronto running their cafe. He bought remaindered books at a song and sold them retail in Murray River. He thought he was smart. There were so many people who commented that we had a lot of books they’d read years ago ……… I too would do a bookstore over again. I loved it.


  7. Yet another fabulous post. I am also a vegetarian and into metaphysics. I’m pretty sure we are kindred spirits in another life, as well as this one. “Don’t fight the world.” I wish I knew how to stop. LOL Been an activist all my life…more like fighting the status quo but fighting none the less. I like David, he sounds pretty nice. I was part owner in a bookstore. Independents can’t compete against the chains. Small shops can’t get the discounts because they don’t buy 3,500 copies of each title. It was fun though and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I look forward to your posts everyday.


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