Fine Fabric and the Hunt for Perfection

And here’s some nice fabric pictures ……….

Fiber Compulsion

By now you all know that I sew. Garment construction – yes even design – is one of my most rewarding passions. I search the internet voraciously for fabrics that 1) I want and 2) I can afford. Or I can’t afford but want anyway. I am relentless. I will not stop at $20 a yard. No. I will pay as much as I have to to get what I want. Even though actual $ is not laying around the house here. I haven’t seen anything papery and green for a while. That is going to change.

I have  a firm conviction that money is only there to be spent. We must complete its life cycle by letting it flow into the Universe. I have the spigot on flow open. I also have my intention set that it will flow back to me. I am allergic to savings accounts

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