The City of Detroit

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Back in 1984 my family moved from Iowa to Detroit. My husband had lost his job in Iowa after 3 years. We weren’t thrilled. We had to leave because there were no jobs. There was a recession and he was lucky to find an engineering job in Detroit at that time.

We packed up and left. Moving to Detroit was actually very exciting once we actually got there. I think everyone has an impression of Detroit that it’s dirty, crime ridden and full of drug dealers. Not really. I can remember traveling to Niagara Falls in 1992 on the Canadian side. The cab driver that took us to our hotel said he’d heard that the gas station attendants in Detroit are behind bullet-proof glass. Whatever.

The city was exciting. I worked downtown as a legal secretary. I spent lunch hours at Hart Plaza watching the Detroit River and the boats. We lived in a suburb on the east side, Grosse Pointe Woods. I drove down Jefferson Avenue to get to work each day. I passed Lake St. Clair. It was beautiful.

I just watched a report on TV on The O’Reilly Factor about Detroit. The city is dying. They are so far in debt that they can’t provide services. It is sad to hear how far the city has fallen since we left 13 years ago. They featured the old burned out and abandoned buildings – many of which were there when I lived there from 1984 to 2000. During the riots of 1967 much of the city burned and it was never rebuilt.

My husband worked for the automotive industry. There was always overtime and production was humming. We eventually bought a home across from Lake St. Clair on Jefferson Avenue in St. Clair Shores. The house had at one time been a cottage for the people from the city to come out to in the summer. It was charming.

I built my clientele as a psychic in Detroit. I did classes and groups all over the area from Detroit to Pontiac to Walled Lake. The people are friendly.

I finished my college education in the inner city of Detroit at Wayne State University from 1985 to 1987. I went to classes at night as well as on the weekend. I was never frightened. I liked Detroit and all it had to offer.

The Detroit Institute of the Arts is one of the finest museums I have been to. And I’ve been to the Louvre. The Detroit Public Library provided not only access to millions of books but also a volunteer job for our son during his home schooled years.

Our son felt that Detroit was his home town. He moved there when he was 4. Part of us will always regret leaving there.

Now to hear how bad the city has fallen since the automotive industry collapsed is painful. It should be different. The city should be alive with people moving in, not out. The police should have enough money so they can answer 911 calls. The fire department shouldn’t have to go to fires intentionally set because the owners can’t sell their homes.

It is sad. I hope Detroit comes back. I love it.


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  1. That really is so sad:( A dying city. Awful.


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