Couture Lunacy – Freedom to Wear What You Want

This blog is going to be all about garment construction, finding fabrics, choosing patterns, drafting patterns, designing fabrics, searching out current haute couture to RIP OFF design ideas and make them your own – challenging yourself with a needle – doing things the long way rather than the easy way ———— none of those make a quick top in an hour things.

Also I hope to show you how to construct clothing that is not only wearable and flattering, but well done. So that if you should die on the street and they take your clothes off in the morgue the attendant won’t say – “EEEUW she’s wearing homemade clothes.” You know – the old change your underwear you never know stuff you got from your mother ……….

First we’re going to look at figures. Yours. As much as you may not like it you have to cover it. Think of how you would like to look and until you can lose a few pounds – think about how you can cover it and look beautiful the way you are.

Think of fabric as texture – as a statement of your attitude – as an embellishment for your soul – think of startling the people at the grocery store or on the train or at work.

Think of what clothes you like – here we will discuss clothing designers and retail sellers and see what you can do for so much less. How you CAN have that Eileen Fisher top without spending $500. And how you can wear Armani but you have to wear his fabric – not his line.

Come on along for the adventure – it will be enlightening!


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