Fine Fabric and the Hunt for Perfection

By now you all know that I sew. Garment construction – yes even design – is one of my most rewarding passions. I search the internet voraciously for fabrics that 1) I want and 2) I can afford. Or I can’t afford but want anyway. I am relentless. I will not stop at $20 a yard. No. I will pay as much as I have to to get what I want. Even though actual $ is not laying around the house here. I haven’t seen anything papery and green for a while. That is going to change.

I have  a firm conviction that money is only there to be spent. We must complete its life cycle by letting it flow into the Universe. I have the spigot on flow open. I also have my intention set that it will flow back to me. I am allergic to savings accounts. (Just an aside here – I am always amazed when someone tells me they are allergic to smoke – you know the cigarette kind? That I don’t get – I can see pollen and trees and cats – but smoke? I think they just don’t like it.) Anyway I am seriously allergic to money in piles. And making interest and buying stocks. I put money into the stock market once. Lots of lovely money. And the good old stock market decided to lose about 2000 points. That was way before the financial crisis we’re in right now ——————

So I buy. Mostly fabric, yarn, fiber, notions and patterns. Oh yes and pattern tracing material and  …………….

I am shortly going to be constructing those lovely garments on my latest two posts. But first I glean the web for fabric. Here’s some I’ve found –

These are all from one of my favorite haunts – – and they are having a sale starting tomorrow. So between now and then I’m going to find $300 somewhere. I know I can do this. I just need to think …….

On the subject of blessed money again – yesterday I did something that I feel really good about but don’t even believe I did. I received a call to set up another phone interview with the district manager for the previously mentioned job. We set it up and then I started thinking. Not a good plan to think. The job would have had me on the road every day for 4 days a week. I would need to be away from my family and god knows where. I was told I would drive around 100 miles per day. Then something the HR rep said during our conversation kind of went WHAT? in my mind. She told me that if I was chosen after speaking with the DM – then I would only have two more steps to go through before they would condescend to hiring me.

Now this job is a part-time job. I was told by the first fella that mostly moms and retirees did this job. And there are three phone interviews and two other steps to be hired? This sounded way too much like the full time job I had as a customer service representative for a cell phone company. Basically that job you could do if you could stand being yelled at all day. It didn’t really require weeks of training and background checks and several interviews. That job sucked to put not to fine a word on it. It was almost impossible. I was there a little over a year and a half. I got recorded constantly. I was “coached.” (Read that critiqued for everything even breathing.) We were given phrases we had to include in our conversations – hard to do when the customer is calling you a f ………. ing s…….t. Really. We had to “negotiate” credits with the customer. If they got pissed off and asked for a supervisor – then the supervisor would give them the credit they asked for an hour ago. So all that blood, sweat and tears went for naught. Nasty icky job.

Anyway – here we are in an economy where you can’t find work if it comes up and hits you in the face. And the first question these guys ask if “Why do you want to work for ……………..? Does no one tell them because there are no other jobs?

I thought about what would happen if DH fell down the stairs or started running a fever or some other emergency happened and I was 50 miles away. DS would be frantic. He is a great help but he panics when his dad has health crises.  I would need to have backup or a PCA to take care of my husband while I was gone. Not going to happen unless I can find a job with pay high enough to cover the cost of the PCA and still live on it.

I sent the HR rep a thanks but no thanks email. And I am so relieved. I will just go back to my seasonal job with the Maine outdoor outfitter and wait for the social security check which will arrive in February. Much better.

No more job applications for me right now. I have to concentrate on what’s important. And DH and DS get my vote for now.

Maine Mountains
Maine Mountains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Reblogged this on Couture Lunacy and commented:

    And here’s some nice fabric pictures ……….


  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks! I’m learning ………


  3. wonderful fabrics like your decision


  4. Jennifer says:

    I thought that that job just had toooooo many hoops to jump. Imagine actually working there. For now we will just sit tight and I will have some time off before I’m called back to the good old Maine outdoor outfitter. Aren’t those fabrics TO DIE FOR?


  5. People are being treated so badly now days. So few jobs make employers believe they walk on water. I’m glad you chose to say “no.” Hope you find something that meets all of your needs and pays so much money that you can start your own fabric shop.The fabrics you showed are beautiful.


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