Absolutely Last Post for Today (unless I think of something else)

Close-up of fruit salad
Close-up of fruit salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok. Not only do I sew but I cook too. I thought I’d share some foodie things with you.

I’m a piscatarian/vegetarian person. The guys both love MEAT. They don’t get beef but they can sometimes have sweet italian sausage and they can have chicken and turkey a lot.

I love pasta. I tried to take a new picture of me and NO I can’t possibly be that FAT. Yes I am. I have never been teeny but jeeeeeeez. So I dumped the new picture and took one off the computer. I look aged.

I’m going to have to diet. No Ben and Jerry’s – no homemade bread from Tassajara Bread Book – no donuts – no sugar at all. Maybe fruit, if I don’t swear all day. That would be fruit once a week probably. I will need to eat lots of salad. I will be cranky without sugar. But it will be ok. I have to lose weight.

I’m not actually going to go on a diet. I’m just going to quit eating refined flour products, sugar and white anything like rice or potatoes for a bit. And add in the veggies and salad and stuff. I may skip wheat – we’ll see if I can do that. Sigh.

And my husband is skinny. So he needs lots of calories. And DS is a big boy so he needs LOTS of food too. La De Da I will be the only one without sugar.

Last night’s supper was a salad for all and hot dogs. Jeezy yuck on a plate. They like them. Tonight I am not sure what I’m doing. Maybe a nice deviled tuna. With some veggies and stuff.

Or it could be fluffy pancakes – those great German things that puff up in the oven. I serve these with strawberries. That sounds better than tuna. Not exactly diet though. Maybe I’ll eat half of one.

The pasta will have to wait until I lose weight. I need a Lifestyle Lift too. Wonder how much that is?


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  1. TamrahJo says:

    Dark chocolate and buy some whole wheat, soak it, wait for it to sprout, dry it and grind it and make it into whatever you want to eat – you’ll get to have your cake and eat it too – promise! šŸ™‚


  2. Jennifer says:

    OMG I was born in Champaign! And hubby lived in Chicago most of his life after emigrating from Latvia!!!!!!!!! I usually don’t do mirrors. I had lost some weight this past fall but I don’t know I quit working and started cooking and baking and whew! I love salad and veggies. Next trip to the grocery store and I’m going to get stuff for Tassajara’s Excellent Apple Salad. It is excellent. I sure do have to lay off the Nutella!


  3. OMG will I hear you screaming all the way to Chicago??? No chocolate? Build yourself a cage with thick iron bars if you don’t eat sugar. Arggg. Can’t you just eat what you always eat but just less of it? Every time I walk by a mirror I just pretend i’m someone I don’t know because I think I should always be 19. I’m a vegetarian and I love salad.


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