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Issey Miyake
Issey Miyake
The Pants for Issey Miyake's Vogue 1052
The Pants for Issey Miyake’s Vogue 1052

For some reason these pictures are little and I can’t PS them bigger. Ah. Well. Anyway, after the silk shirt and the Chado Ralph Rucci – this is next. I am going to make the jacket – not sure yet about the pants. They fall a bit low – we will have to wait and see on those. I like them but I’m not sure I would wear them.

The fabric for the jacket – hmm. I love the cotton sateen in the picture. I’m going to search and see if I can find something similar to that. BTW there is another excellent and unique online fabric store. Elliott Berman Textiles from New York. They are having an anniversary sale from April 10 to April 18 for 50% off – and their fabric is exquisite. I already have some in my cart ready to go.

A word on making your own clothes. If you like sewing then try making your clothes. I cut out my first dress at the age of 11 because my sister had one I wanted to copy. I didn’t execute the sewing well – we had only an old White machine that did straight stitching. My mother made our clothes from as early as I can remember. When I was in high school I was the best dressed teen there. I remember one outfit that was a turquoise wrap skirt and a blouse in a turquoise and white stripe with huge sleeves drawn into cuffs and a big bow tie. I loved it.

Mom made my prom dress – it was out of pale pink dotted swiss voile. It had an empire waist and short sleeves. I was a good size then having just dieted the whole last year – I was meeting my phone and letter boyfriend for the first time. Just an aside – I met him through my best friend. He was her cousin and up to Champaign for the basketball tournament. We spent hours on the phone that first night and then we started writing to each other. So romantic! We split up during my junior/senior year (I graduated as a junior). Right before prom and my graduation I received a letter from him wanting to get back together. We had met in person the summer before. I attended a journalism camp at Southern Illinois University and he lived in Carbondale. So we got back together.

And the prom dress! It was so beautiful. When Mom started making it she figured out that it would need to be lined. She went out and bought this lovely white voile and made an underdress without the short sleeves. And then she made me a stole with a ruffle. Naturally I had to go out and buy some really hot light pink shoes to go with it. And I purchased a lilac voile dress for the “after” prom. Whew – we were out all night. It was fun.

With sewing, experience is everything. So is slowing down and doing things correctly. I had a tendency to rush myself earlier on. Now – coming back to clothes making after many years – I find that everything I make must be exquisitely finished. I finish seams. I don’t have a serger but I use an overlock stitch on knits and I either do french seams or Hong Kong finish on wovens and sheers. I want someone to look at my garment on the inside and not say – oh this is homemade. No. It is made to the highest standards of clothing construction. It takes me longer to finish a piece but when it is done it goes into my closet as something I will wear. If I won’t wear it I can’t make it. Simple. And the process is so enjoyable all along the way. If I am unsure how to proceed I get on the web and figure it out.

Even though we lived in Champaign and the University of Illinois was right there – actually my dad worked for it – I applied to and got into Southern. Like many of my age, I was the first to go to university. I was so young, only 17. The freedom and the weird classes were a bit much for me. I wasn’t used to reading 100 pages a night in 5 different subjects. I learned quickly. The first year went fine. Then tada I couldn’t figure out what to major in. At first I thought German because I had a knack for languages so it seemed the way to go. Then English. Even then I wanted to attend law school upon graduation.

Sadly the late 60s early 70s was no time to be in college. We marched against the Vietnam War. There was a new Vietnam Studies department in the building with the Registrar’s Office where I worked. In 1971, when the kids at Kent State were killed, all hell broke loose in Carbondale. They closed the school and I went home. From the frying pan into the fire because there was also a university in Champaign and they were demonstrating too.

I stayed at Southern until I was in my junior year and then I said enough. I wasn’t well. Suffering from depression I returned home and decided to get a job. I had learned that no one could find work as a teacher after graduating. I was so sick of school that I couldn’t see myself going on. So I left.

I had been a president’s scholar at Southern and had graduated 18th in a class of 369 students all of whom were a year older than me. I did not live up to my potential. Definitely not in my mom’s eyes for sure. It would be thirteen years before I returned to university. I had a 5 year old son and had been married for 7 years. I was working as a legal secretary in Detroit, MI and again set my sights on law school. Not to be. I graduated in 1987 with a B.S. in Humanistic Studies. I felt relieved. I asked my mother if her and Dad would like to come to Detroit for my graduation. She said no, she’d rather I have graduated when I was supposed to. Well thanks a bunch Mom. Nice of you to give me credit for effort. Jeez.

There goes a tangent for you! Back to Issey Miyake – I have made one other Miyake pattern. It was a bear to cut out and it was all odd so I couldn’t figure out where to start or how to put it together. Here it is

V1476 Issey Miyake
V1476 Issey Miyake

I love it. I really love the shirt in this pattern too. The coat fits fine without altering but the shirt needed to be upsized. I added an inch all around in the seams and fit it from there. I have a dress form adjusted to my size and this really helps when making garments. Much easier to fit and I can see what the piece looks like on. I love it.

More knitting today – staying on top of that bad boy. We’ll see how far I get ……….


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  1. Love the jacket!


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