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McCalls 6605 - What's NextMcCalls 6605 – What’s Next

I got pretty far on the old test knit so I took some time and marked my cut out fabric and loaded the sewing machine with thread. I have a Bernina 440QE which I got because I quilted and then I found out I could super sew with this and now use it strictly for garment construction.

I spent a bit wrapping and sewing Hug Snug around the edge of the yoke. I have to do this in several places because this sari silk I’m using ravels, Horrid fabric. Pretty and hard to work with. It’s a sort of magenta with a woven in fleur de lis. Anyway I do like it and I have several fabrics that I will use for this pattern. It looks great with jeans.

A week or so ago I received an email from Quince and Co. about their new Owl yarn. If you haven’t tried their yarn yet – do. You will love it. It’s all American wool and the Owl is blended with Alpaca. It is a worsted weight. Tern is blended with silk and is a fingering weight. I love Tern. I want Owl. I wish I could have done Owl for the test knit but I needed a DK.

Quince and Co. are located in Portland. Maine of course. There are lots of yarn stores in Maine but few yarn companies that I know of. They lost their dye house a while back which shut down. So they were left with no way to process their yarns. So what did these super wonderful people do? They went and decided to start a dye house! And they renovated an old mill in Saco Maine and it is up and running. It makes one so proud of fellow Mainers that they would do this. They took an old unused building that was historical and they went in and renovated it and set up their dye shop. The whole story is on Quince and Co. Go see it and then see if you can resist their yarn – I can’t and next yarn buy is going to be Owl and Sparrow – which is linen and I have a Hannah Fettig pattern all ready for Sparrow. I need one for Owl but that should not be a problem!

I love stories of industry and innovative thinking. Quince and Co. could have searched for a small dye house and groused and kept looking. But they didn’t. They took the challenge and became captains of their own ship. I love it.

The first pattern you see on this page is also in my mind for next after the silk blouse. This will be from cotton sateen in a unique abstract print from Emma One Sock. This is the fabric

Oscar Stretch Cotton Twillfrom Emma One Sock
Oscar Stretch Cotton Twill
from Emma One Sock

The pants are going to be black cotton sateen from Mood. Speaking of which – have you all been watching Project Runway?  I must says it’s getting samey but I loved this last show. The only thing is I loved Michelle’s look. I did not like Stanley’s who won. And of course I think Patricia should have gone home. It’s nice that Michelle has one more chance. I think she’s the top designer this year. I would wear her clothes. Such a fun way to indulge my fashion habit!

Tonight we’re doing kill it and eat it for supper. This is the best supper! See the deal is if you can kill it, you can eat it. Of course I am a vegetarian so I only kill plants, but they have feelings to. The guys do the meat thing. Tonight they scrounge on their own. DS and I will open the Campbell’s for Dad. Such a relaxing way to have supper. Last night was scrambled eggs with asparagus and a salad. Mmmmm. I love asparagus. I get a wonderful salad mix at Hannaford. It’s called Olivia’s Organic Spring Mix and it’s full of all sorts of greens and spinach. Very easy – comes in a long rectangular box and it’s large so it lasts a while around here. Chop up some tomatoes and make a dressing and you’re done. I scramble eggs according to Julia. Except I use olive oil and just a tad bit of butter. I’m trying to get more Mediterranean in our diet. So butter out olive oil in. Now if I could get them to eat olives and capers ………..

Speaking of Julie, here’s a book review. I love Julia Child. I wish I had been into fine cooking when her show was on. I am going to get these on DVD someday. Anyway last year I read My Life in France about her and her husband Paul’s life living and traveling in France. Paul Child worked for the diplomatic corps and was what we would call a graphic designer or art director now. He was charged with promoting the USA abroad. What a life! Living in France OMG I would die to live in France! Send me to Paris – make me suffer! Pleeeeeez.

It was while in France that Julia figured out she couldn’t cook. Not well at all. She tried. Then she decided to take classes at Cordon Bleu. Whoot! She wasn’t long in the homemaker’s classes until she asked to be put into the class to train as a chef. Of course she was a woman and the director of the school – another woman – didn’t want women in the course. The story just gets better after that.

The atmosphere – her descriptions of the areas they traveled to – the exam to be a chef – the concept of her first epic Mastering the Art of French Cooking – and the hilarious description of the first draft ………… make this book seriously worth reading.

Like a trip to Paris ......
Like a trip to Paris ……

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Reblogged this on Couture Lunacy and commented:
    Another gem from my blog A Little Fluff ……


  2. Jennifer says:

    They are the coolest! I love Hannah Fettig’s patterns and Cecily Glowic McDonald’s and on and on! I’m doing a Lori Versaci (check test knit now. I am so in love with her designs. I want to do Clara in the Himalayan Trail from Bijou Basin Ranch but lordy it’s $25 a skein and I need 10 – maybe for Christmas! Or Mother’s Day? I’ll have to start hinting now ………


  3. salpal1 says:

    my sister lives in portland and has been singing the praises of Quince for years now. I still have not tried it, but can see that I have to…


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