To the Garden I Went …………

Gardener Gardening
Gardener Gardening (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So after my rant about being retired and broke – I went out to do some yard work. Ah no. There are so many viney like weeds that have died that I can’t rake them up. So ………. I will wait until it gets warmer and pul l them out. I’m going to prune the old white lilac bush too.

I’m going to remove these really weird bushes under my front bay window. They get red in the autumn and have thorns all over. Really ugly and they have grown four feet since we’ve been here. They do not know it yet, but they are DEAD. Also the hostas which line the drive are DEAD. I dislike hostas intensely. I had them in my 40 x 90 foot garden in Michigan but only because I put them under two apple trees. The people who bought my home tore up my entire garden. A pox on them. There were antique roses, japanese maple, almond tree, lungwort, tulips, climbing roses, ornamental grasses, sweet woodruff and pretty purple coneflowers. The coneflowers were all in one bed 4 x 9. There was a 25 foot long x 9 foot wide veggie garden and planters around the deck. There were super expensive plants – more than I can remember – it was lovely. I should never have sold that house. Who cares spouse didn’t want to stay there? Honestly – not his fault – just a dumb move.

Anyway I just found out Uranus is conjunct my Jupiter and Pluto conjunct my Sun. The former means shocks to my attempts to expand and grow. The second means my ego is being rota routed. Really. Honestly if I make it through these next few weeks without having a meltdown it will be amazing.

I have Saturn, Neptune and Mars conjunct my ascendant. The Neptune explains my inability to see reality and to be psychic. My Saturn shows me all the limitations and privations I have experienced as well as the valuable learning lessons (thank you Lord Saturn and please don’t make anyone else have these experiences). My Mars means I fight, I struggle I start. Mars go Saturn stop Neptune daydream. Eeee gods. No excuses – I chose to come into this existence. If only I can play my part in this Maya well. It is only illusion. It is not reality.

For the rest of the day I am going to knit. That has not gone well. Not nuts about the yarn – kind of scratchy compared to the alpaca in my pink sweater. I always have trouble starting. I will persist.

Planets of the Solar System
Planets of the Solar System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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