Starting a test knit!

Update – I found out I can’t get the below yarn in Horizon – so I’m going to go with either Maritime or Seasalter – whichever WEBS has enough of – still super excited!

I am so excited! I get to do a test knit for the knitwear designer Lori Versaci. If you want absolutely wonderful sweaters you must take a look at her patterns. Just go to and put her name into the search box under patterns.

I’m going to be able to start this test knit just as soon as the yarn arrives from Webs, a fantastic yarn retailer. They have a brick and mortar store and an online store at I ordered this for the test:

I hope it looks like I think it will.

Rowan Felted DK in Horizon
Rowan Felted DK in Horizon

Also the job interview went well and will be interviewed in person within a week or so. I am very excited.

McCalls Patterns are having their $1.88 pattern sale – go take a look because this is seriously cheap! I got 14 more patterns a couple of Vogue patterns and the rest McCalls. Can’t wait to see them.

It’s very quiet on the web now – seems that Good Friday has hit and everyone’s taking some down time. Hope you all have a Happy Easter or Passover or whatever you celebrate. Me, I’m not going to cook a big deal – we are just 3 and we eat well all the time.

So off to the sewing room to dream my next big project in there – ta!


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  1. Congratulations!


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