New Projects Old Projects

Okay I finished the hoodie. Now like all good project-driven people I must find the next one in which to lose myself. It is not that I don’t have any ideas, it is that I have too many.

Here’s a few that come to mind –

Gorgeous Blouse

Gorgeous T

Gorgeous Draped Shirt

Weird Thing I love

And this lovely Katherine Tilton Gorgeous Shirt and Jacket.

There are more (sigh). I have two Gorgeous Fabrics for the blouse – here’s a picture of the print (Milly) on a bag I wish I had and desperately want.

Milly Poppies Print

And here’s a floral floaty fabric which is also a Gorgeous Fabrics fabric –

Flirty Floral

And I have seriously great fabric for the T – I have the stripe from the inside of my hoodie to make a T and have the contrast be solid black – a jersey from Mood that is crinkled. I would do the ponte on the hoddie, but it is too heavy and would be death in the summer.

And for the Weird Thing – Gorgeous Fabrics has the fabric I want.

The Katherine Tilton – I have an absolutely knock out silk stripe in bronze, copper, green, burgundy, etc. from Marcy Tilton. It will be PERFECT.

So what to do what to do what to do what to do.

And back to Boxy by Joji – here

I finished shaping the right neckline and of course I see mistakes. So I think I will frog back to the beginning of the shaping and do it again. It is easy – I just lost my place while trying to watch a movie. Bad idea. I will be happier if I don’t see where I messed up.

And not least but last I am redoing my kitchen. I say that like I’m getting a new kitchen. Well, sort of. I’m painting the cabinets which I’m pretty sure are the original cabinets put in in 1915 when this old girl was built. And then I’m going to use  Behr’s Venetian Plaster on the walls, use on the countertops and wipe the paint off the floor. I need help for this so am pressing child into working for his supper. He can do the high stuff. I hate ladders, being a carpenter’s daughter. Wish Pops was still here to tell me how I’m doing this all wrong! Tee! You’d be amazed how many times I hear him and his ah not polite voice telling me  “What in the hell are you doing?” He was a finish carpenter although he worked on many construction projects at the University where I grew up. Such a dear –

And I’ve also got to tackle some work for DH. He has a Parkinson’s-like disease and I need to get everything set for him, find some medical devices to make life easier. I want to get a wheel chair (which he declares he will NEVER use) so I can take him on field trips this spring and summer. He is painfully slow when walking and this would make his life easier, not to mention mine …………….

And there you are – I’ve also been cooking like crazy. When I work we eat nasty but when I’m not we eat like kings. I baked french bread yesterday from Tassajara’s Bread Book and made  hash with fennel, oregano, cayenne, leftover roasted potatoes and onions. It was good. The guys got chicken with theirs. They ate it which means they like it. DS is horrible to feed. He is just like his grandfather who wouldn’t eat a vegetable unless it smacked him in the face and who didn’t like anything mixed together, ah like a casserole. I can get DS to eat mac and cheese and I sneak veggies into that. But really the kid is horrid to cook for on a budget. It’s his budget ’cause he buys the food as part of our living together to save money budget.

And then there’s spinning ……………


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