Maggie the Best Cat in the Whole Wide Kitty World

Maggie loves my yarn! photo


And some from my Pinterest Board –

Upside Downy Maggie

Wide Awake and Ready to Play!

Go away – sleepy

She’s 3 years old and loves DS. She follows him everywhere and really gets on his nerves when he’s working. Also she will sit on Poppa‘s lap but not on my lap at all. She will sleep on top of me in the morning – just to gently wake me up so I can give her her Chicken Nummies or Turkey Nummies for the morning.

I feed her Wellness canned food with no grains, fillers, etc. My first cat, my beloved Esme, died from a tumor which I swear was caused by her dry EXPENSIVE cat food which contained crap from China. We lived in Canada when she ate it and she died the day after Christmas the year we moved to Maine. Still miss the munchkin – Maggie is a blessing though – even though her Humane Society name was Snap – oh yes all teeth and claws! And I agree with those who do not declaw a cat – never ever do that – it is like you walking with no feet.



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