Bubble Bubble ……… dyeing silk in a canner

After my “find a project” post I went upstairs to the sewing room, or closet to be more accurate, and decided to do the gorgeous blouse from the last post. I think. I may do the Chado Ralph Rucci here


Anyway that will be in a cotton with contrasting ties. So on the Gorgeous Blouse– I am now dyeing silk chiffon for said blouse. Even though I do have wondrous fabric for this …………..

I use dyes from http://www.dharmatrading.com which you will find to be the best, most comprehensive collection of stuff for people who do stuff in the world. I also got the silk chiffon from them. And I want their Stone Washed Silk for more more more……..

I have the dye pot all set and simmering. It’s easy really. You get a canner – enamel – and you add tons of water and start heating it up. You want it to get close to boiling. Then you add your dye and make sure it is all dissolved. Then in goes the already wet fabric. And then you heat it up almost boiling for silk (yarn, fiber or wool you keep it lower at about 185 where’d the degree symbol go to?.

Then you add vinegar and/or citric acid powder – I usually add some salt too – just plain old kosher salt works great. And then you stir until your arms fall off.

Today I mixed Darkest Navy with Peacock Blue and Pink Orchid and it was a bit too purple so I added Dark Sapphire. Now it looks awesome. Since I wear everything with jeans – luckily I can even work in them – I want something blue for a change …… I’m going to grab some old buttons from Grandma’s stash that I inherited and paint them the color I want as soon as I decide which color.

Hubby’s sleeping at the table! I keep waking him up with the click of the keyboard (something has to work). He stayed up all night watching bad old movies. Honestly some of them are horrible. I made him watch British Comedies on PBS until 10:00 pm so he got a late start on boring movies ……………… tonight we’ll watch the finale’ of Downton Abbey again to see if the stupid people changed the ending (!).


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Today the silk is drying on the rack. Errors abound with this – I used to much dye so instead of the dye bath going clear when I hit it with the vinegar, plenty of dye was left. So my hands are nice and blue. The fabric dyed dark which I think is cool. I hope it’s more blue than purple but hard to tell when wet. Will get a photo up when it’s dry! Thanks and I know what you mean about Downton Abbey. What’s it going to be like without Matthew? I only like Maggie Smith on the show now and the servants and Tom – the rest of them, not so much.


  2. So interesting…I have no talent in this area so I’m incredibly impressed. Looking forward to seeing the finished project. The last Downton Abbey made me decide to never watch it again. Your cat is beautiful


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