Hoodie done – rice milk made – gardening on my mind ……

I sit here in my dining room looking out at the neighbor’s yard (I don’t have much of a back yard, just about 12 feet to the side and about 3 feet behind the house) and the snow plowed drift next to our garage is about 5 feet. Cool. This picture shows where our yard sort of starts – about a foot to the right of the start of the fence. That’s my swing but it’s moving this year so I can have room for a garden bed for shade plants. I have hostas that are HUGE and line the driveway and I know they are plants but I don’t like them. I’m dumping those babies. I’ve wanted to pull them up and trash them ever since we moved here 6 years ago and this year is it! It will be much better to have an actual flower or veggie bed rather than hostas.

The "yard"
The “yard”

I’m also going to get at least one of these for my garden –

Gardeners Supply Company VegTrug

We look out over a huge park – Broadway Park to be exact – or the west side of Broadway Park as it is split in two by Broadway. We have the trees and ice skating rink on our side and it’s a great dog park. And yes the dog owners keep it clean – there’s even baggies for them! Anyway the park looks awesome in white although I could learn to love green again.

The view from my living room ……..

That should be the end of the snow for the year. I love that we get spring much faster than when we lived in Prince Edward Island – there the winter could last until May. It never really warmed up until August and then it got hot. Here it gets really going by late March or early April and by May we may have to stick the air conditioners in the window. I’m hoping to leave them out of the downstairs this year. We’ll see – I cook so it gets hot in the kitchen and we don’t eat much meat so we don’t grill outside.

I finished the hoodie yesterday – could not believe the final finishing was all by hand. Very relaxing and it looks great. I want to get a better finish on the snap tape and will experiment with that today. It frays – nasty stuff – hate fraying so I think I have some Fray Check somewhere and I’ll drag it out and plop some on. Then I’m going to make a T shirt to match from the same pattern. Ooooooh I’ll be coordinated!  Pictures today – battery on camera is charged.

I worked on Boxy last night and watched a movie at the same time. Bad idea. Anyway I’m now past the 25.5″ of stockinette (OMG) and am working on the design used to shape the neckline. I lost my place while doing a short row and had to tink (knit backwards – i.e., remove work) until I got back to a place where I could figure out where I was in the pattern. One must pay attention, really.

The other day I dyed some 100% silk lace yarn that I purchased from Paradise Fibers – love Paradise Fibers by the way! I dyed three 1400 yd. skeins with Lilac from Dharma Trading Company. It is one of the pre-metalized dyes so it does end up not dyeing even if you don’t stir it a lot – and I didn’t and I love the result. Now we’ll see if I can wind the yarn. It is like fine thread and it was tangled just a bit when wet. I think it’s come out of it now. Hopefully.

I made rice milk yesterday with my soy milk maker and am going to use it today for DH‘s oatmeal. We’ll see what he says!

It’s almost the weekend! Even though at this time of year I’m not working it still feels like a time to celebrate. I will get called back soon enough and I am determined to take joy while I can!


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