A short bit of fluffosophy …..

We got walloped with weather in Maine yesterday and overnight. It looks pretty much like 16″ of snow around my house. I have old garden roses in my shopping cart at Heirloom Roses and now we have 16″ of snow.  At least I can look forward to it melting and then it will be in my basement. Ah living in New England!

I’ve been looking around for inspiration on a kitchen redo. A kitchen redo with spending little, if any, money. I have Enamel for my kitchen cabinets by Martha Stewart. It is a very pale icy blue that looks like an old enamelware coffee pot. I love it and still have to paint some doors. Not all of my doors are going back up. The top cabinets are so high that with the doors they look heavy and overbalance the room. So I’m trying to decide on a cover for at least the food portion of those cupboards.

I also have Behr’s Venetian Plaster in a lightish pink for the walls. My walls have a plastic tile on them, really, and this will work to smooth them out and make them not look like an old dirty bathroom. Then the countertops – new ones of which I cannot afford. So I have Luster Stone from Faux Effects which I will use on them. That means I will have to ban everyone from the kitchen while I get the first counter done and then the next day do the second.

I want it to have the essence of this room –

For the Home / French country kitchen, blue tiled walls and copper pots!.

Today’s schedule includes hand sewing for finishing touches on the hoodie and making rice milk and whatever else for which I can find time!


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