Weird it is. Christmas Eve here in Maine and it’s 56 degrees outside. I love it. I do not care about white Christmases. I have seen thousands of those ……. well in the 60’s anyway. I have had it with White Christmases.

Today is not a day for knocking myself out. No candy making, no cookie baking, not even any big supper making. Today I rest. Tomorrow I can do the holiday thing …….. one last time this year. On New Year’s Day I will also rest – a good way to start the year.

I’ve been thinking back over the last year and several cool things have happened. I joined a group of knitters and left that group. They are having fits now ……… seems they want to bitch and piss and moan and every time they do, the forum gets locked so they can’t. Snicker. It is not a group I miss at all at all.

I finished three sweaters over the summer and fall. I haven’t worn one of them yet. It’s been too warm outside!!!!! Too bad – don’t care – would rather it be warm than cold.

My oil bill is fantastic. Take the fact that the temps are warm and couple that with low low oil prices and I’m laughing. I am truly laughing. I also purchased an infrared fireplace heater for what will shortly be the art studio and it warms up the house in the downstairs beautifully. Coupled with the heat pump, I hardly run the furnace at all.

I started dyeing fabric again. I wanted to make some quilts and I thought about how I wanted to do it. Did I want to buy fabric – probably solids or all prints? Nope. I wanted my quilts to be made “from the ground up” starting with PFD cotton that I dyed myself. I love my dyed fabrics and the two quilt tops I am working on are looking fantastic. I had to stop yesterday and dye more fabric. I’m making a queen and a king size quilt so more fabric was in order. It’s in the dryer now.

I have plenty of yarn stashed for at least 4 sweaters, 6 pair of mittens or 6 hats, 15 pairs of socks or more because I’m going to use up my leftover sock yarn …….. I can keep doing socks forever. They require no thought which frees me up to watch Wallander in Swedish. I have to read the subtitles. I can read them and knit socks!!!!!! I love that show – much better than the UK edition with Kenneth Branagh …… is that how you spell his name? Anyway the guy Emma Thompson dumped. Thank God she did – he is so OLD LOOKING.

I have spent many happy evenings with Netflix. So much so that I truly do not need satellite TV and it will be eliminated in January. I am so thrilled. I can get the last season of Downton Abbey on iTunes and that is all I require. Eventually Call the Midwife Season 5 will be on there too ……… so I won’t miss a thing. Let’s see $7.99 or $62???????? Hahahaha.

I sat down a list of goals for 2016. Things I need to accomplish – ways I’m going to change – stuff I’m going to do – so nice to have a plan, even if only parts of it work out.

I also am afraid that blogging on this site is something that I’m not going to do in the New Year. It has run its course for me – I no longer feel the need to chatter on about things – I can chatter in my journal and I feel better about that.

Merry Christmas to all of you – have a grand New Year and a good life!!!!!!!! And remember that stuff about living in the moment – I’m off to live in mine!!!!!

Of Mice and Cookies


It isn’t every day I get to write about mice AND cookies. Today I do. I did both today ……..

We all know Christmas is next Friday – unless you’ve been hiding in pot hole covered with poutine and are trying to eat your way out ……. yes, Friday is Christmas.

Things happen around here during the Holidays. I like to think a lot happens around here. Socks get knit, toys get made and cookies get baked.

The presents are ready for screams of joy, the socks are on their way …….. the second sock for my son will be done in about 2 days and my second sock will be on the needles. Since I lost one of my favorite socks in the laundry yesterday, I need that new pair. It’s enough to stop me from ever doing laundry again. I loved those socks. And now I have only one. I know the other one is here somewhere – logically I know this. Where else could it be? It didn’t grow sock legs and walk out of the house in a huff because it was soooooo dirty – it’s here.

The cookies got a huge boost today. I made a batch of Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip cookies because they went over gangbusters the last time I made them. I was thinking about Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies with Mint but I veered off of that thinking it could be a bomb. Not sure it sounded too good.

At the same time I made a batch of Ghirardelli White Chocolate Chip cookies with dried cranberries and sliced almonds. Hmm. Now I was going to be hard pressed to decide which one to try first except after they were done I was tired. So I let them cool off and did my afternoon reading. Upon arising, I noted that son had not touched the white chocolate chip cookies but he had made a foray into the chocolate peanut butter ones …….. I tried the white chocolate and Hot Damn! These are better than even I could have imagined. Just the right combination of crispy and soft, oozing lovely white chocolate and brimming with sour cranberries and crunchy almonds ……… Keeper!

Now on to the mouse thing. I’ve been looking for a present to give my little girl. This is Maggie-Boops. She enjoys playing


string with her big brother at night. He twirls the string and she chases it until she gets tired. She doesn’t get tired quickly. I looked everywhere, well everywhere I’ve been, for the perfect Maggie-Boops gift for Christmas and I just couldn’t find anything half as cute as the Ostrich and Giraffe she got last year. So ……. I found cat nip.

I’m pretty handy with a needle (?) so I decided to make her some mice ……. more than one and with very very long tails so they can substitute in the play should the string get tired. This afternoon I dug out some gray velour and cut out three mice varying in size from large to small. We shall have mice on Christmas Day. I’m going to fill them with some batting and cat nip (just to keep her interested) and put cute little mice faces on them. She might as well be smiled at while she kills the mice.

I also worked on quilt number one today. Instead of leaving it the way it is, it is having additional fabrics added to it to make it 80″ x 80″ so that it will fit my son’s bed. And the second quilt will be 120″ x 120″ for my bed. Hopefully I will have the quilting sewing machine before long and probably before I get these tops finished. For mine I sense that I will need to dye more fabric ………. which will happen on Christmas Day.

Maggie-Boops says Hi. Or sort of. I try to pat her head and she looks at me like I have totally lost it. You can look Momma, you cannot touch!!!!!!! Such a good cat ……..😊

A Year Ago I Became A Widow

Dusk-and-Dawn-018Today, exactly one year ago, I became a widow. My husband of 36 years decided to leave this world for a much better place. He got peace – and I got peace.

We’d been through 4 years of heartbreaking illness, listening to doctors tell us there was nothing to be done, no cure, not even really any medication that would keep the symptoms at bay. Just flat out – no hope. He didn’t take it well.

At first, while he was still cognizant enough to know he was going to die from this, he was all kinds of sad. It would catch him when he watched a movie – when he listened to music – when he tried to eat –

Then the dementia caught up with him and he forgot that he was going to die. He only knew that he wanted to be in his home, not in a ward with other people who were also on their way to death’s door.

At first, once or twice a month, he would ask about coming home. I only had to remind him that I couldn’t take care of him and he would look sad, but he wouldn’t ask again for a while. And the last time he asked was a year before he died – he wanted to come home for Christmas.

Because of his history of being placed in an orphanage at the age of 2 and then being reunited with his so-called mother (I’ll never believe she was his real mother) at the age of 9 only to be ill-treated and unloved, I hated not being able to keep him with us, his family. It took a long time and a lot of dire situations before I recognized he couldn’t stay here.

The worst was when I found him on the steps in the middle of the night. I found that he crawled up the steps because he couldn’t walk them. And I found out that he could no longer raise himself up to walk to the bathroom and get into bed. That was the final straw for me. Nobody should have to crawl to go to bed.

Those days are gone. He’s been gone from me a year. The moment he died he became the man I’d always known – the healthy man who walked 3 miles every day, ate right, didn’t smoke, got not enough sleep when he worked so many hours — the man I knew for all those years. The sick man who looked about 90 was gone. I didn’t see him any longer – I saw my husband. A healthy, happy person.

I know he’s happy now. Wherever he may be, he’s in a better place. And I miss him.



I sat here today trying to get my act together …… do something productive …… accomplish something. It is yet another day of complete darkness by 3:30 pm – but you can’t tell because it’s mostly dark all day long.

I did manage to cook supper ……. a yummy blue-plate special. That was good. And I also put my quilt backing fabric in the dryer – I dyed it yesterday using yellow, orange marmalade and a sprinkling of pagoda red. It turned out marvelously. And I sewed strips together and pressed them out. I’m still deciding how large to make the second quilt. Do I want it for my son’s bed, my bed or a wall?????? Yetch. I don’t know yet.

I’ve been reading – this I can manage to do no matter the gloom. I finished another book this afternoon and last night I finished one that I’d been working on for over a month. I paid for that one – it was outside my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

I succumbed to the purchasing of a book because of Shetland Wool Week. I followed that on Instagram and have developed a love of all things Shetland Island related. Except for that book, that is.

The book was Dead Water by Anne Cleeves. I think she has an e on her first name – let me go check – nope Ann Cleeves. I can never get that name right. I have an aunt named Anna – now that makes sense ….. no needing to decided if there’s an e on the end or not!

Anyway, Dead Water. I snorted throughout that book – the bare amount of time I could stand reading it. It was dull. The scenery of the Shetland Islands wasn’t even touched upon. The most scenery I got was some place where oil tankers came in or went out or something. The plot was thin. There were 2 people killed and one kidnapped but the reason they were killed and kidnapped was stupid. Nobody would kill and kidnap in this day and age for the reasons given. Nobody. Not even on a small group of Islands in the north. Nope. Wouldn’t happen.

I liken this book to those I’ve read FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Right now I’m wading through all the Miss Silver mysteries by Patricia Wentworth. Think country-house trapped suspects and no excessive blood and gore. You may leave in the sex although it is usually in the form of appeal and not just raw sex. There is always a damsel or gentleman in distress – after all Miss Silver has to have a reason to help, no? And there is Scotland Yard and a certain Chief Constable of a county Miss Silver seems to favor when taking clients. Of course, the Yard and the Chief Constable value her input immensely.

The books are filled with descriptive information about the countryside or town, about the persons involved in this murder or that, about the methods in which the miscreant is brought to justice. There is always a happy ending. The books are uplifting and refreshing ……. just started number 20 and am already mesmerized.

Some may say reading mysteries that are at most 85 years old is a waste of time ……. not so for me. They brighten many a gloomy, rainy Maine day. And if I can’t get my act together to be productive, at least I can be lazy in a happy frame of mind.

And oh, it snowed today!!!!!!!!! Looked so pretty but I think it’s melted away already. It was nice when it was coming down – all fat and fluffy white flakes. Maybe snow won’t be so bad after all. I’ve got to get up early tomorrow ……… the sun is going to shine!!!!!!!!!!!

Where’d You Go?


Maybe this was the last sunset. Or is it a sunrise????? Who can tell?

Whatever it is, we haven’t seen the sun here in mid-coast Maine for days ……. could be weeks – it feels like weeks.

On a positive note, being positive better than being negative, we also haven’t seen the white stuff from Hell either. So maybe gloom is okay. If the sun shines and we get that 4-letter S word – I don’t want to go there.

Today we had what is called “Wintry Mix” although I don’t see it. It’s just raining. It’s cold and it’s raining. It’s not all that cold or it would turn into that 4-letter S word from Hell.

My creativity could use a burst of sunshine though ……. just a little. I only feel like reading and sleeping ……. I don’t even have the urge to bake. That’s pretty bad. I’ve sunk damn low when I don’t have the urge to bake …….. those quilts are calling me …….. as I’ve said every day for a month now – it’s a good day for a nap.

Ho Ho Ho


There are roughly two kinds of people: those who continually lament what is wrong with the world, and those who smile away life’s difficulties and remain always positive in their thinking. Why take everything so seriously? How wonderful this world would be if everyone were more positive, more harmonious! 

In the jungle of civilization, in the stress of modern living, lies the test. Whatever you give out will come back to you. Paramahansa Yogananda

There’s only one thing that makes me question God’s wisdom. It’s a big thing but it is the only thing. People. That’s it. That’s the only thing that makes me wonder about God.

I had occasion to drive out to the Bangor Mall area again today – maybe I should rethink that until after the season of Ho Ho Ho. Because it wasn’t Ho Ho Ho like, driving in that madness again today. Why “turn right on red” is so hard to understand, I do not know. Especially when I have a green light that lasts approximately 2 seconds …… oh well, maybe the guy had to get to the liquor store for a fix. He was surely in a hurry. And he thought it would be fun to keep pulling in front of me to piss me off even more. Sigh. Ho Ho Ho.

I get to the grocery store and go in. There’s this very thin woman with a 13-year-old son. He’s jumping up and down like he’s two. He constantly runs up and down the aisle, ducking around other people’s carts. I think she should check with the doctor about his meds. Obviously not enough.

And then I spy an older gentleman at the end of that aisle and he smiles at me. He gives me a look as if to say “What are you going to do?” And he shrugs. I laugh and he laughs. Now we’re back in Ho Ho Ho land. It feels better here.

The rest of the shopping trip went without me once wishing I had a club. I smiled, everyone else smiled. We enjoyed buying our groceries, thankful that we could buy groceries. It was enough.

If there are two kinds of people, I’d certainly rather be the second one ……….

those who smile away life’s difficulties and remain always positive in their thinking. Why take everything so seriously? How wonderful this world would be if everyone were more positive, more harmonious!